Startup line #: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 2

I’m having trouble with…
An error code which reads: “startup line #: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 2”

Below is an example from the text where the error occurs. The error occurs in any choice I choose in the second choice option in this example. The first one works absolutely fine; the second keeps displaying the above error, no matter which choice I choose. The way both choice sets are set up are identical, yet this one keeps giving me issues, and I have been unable to resolve it. Thoughts?


What are your thoughts on the calm young man sitting beside you?

  #Intrigued. There definitely seems to be something else lurking behind this man, and you want to know more.
    While your natural curiostiy draws itself to Nikulas Harrow, the Inquisitor seems content with the man's answers. For now.
    *goto CharacIntro3
  #Cautious. There is something off with this guy, and he is a bit too relaxed in those bonds--like he has been in them before.
    Your hard gaze bores into Nikulas' face, who appears even calmer than before under so much scrutiny. Your suspicions will have to wait, though, as the Inquisitor nods and moves on to the next prisoner.
    *goto CharacIntro3
  #Unconcerned. Everyone has their secrets, and Nikulas can keep his. Doing so will only magnify the Inquisitor's interest in him--and off of you.
    Despite the deeper secrets burrowed in Nikulas, the Inquisitor seems placated--at least, for now. Alexi gives a curt nod to the young man before moving along to the next prisoner.
    *goto CharacIntro3
  #Attracted. Nikulas seems to possess an innate mysterious charm, and while there are certainly a number of secrets locked behind those navy blue eyes, you find yourself drawn to the handsome young man.
    If Nikulas notices your staring, he keeps himself rigidly oblivious to you; his gaze is fixed solely on the Inquisitor, who nods and steps forward to speak with the next prisoner.
    *goto CharacIntro3

*label CharacIntro3

You have to fully turn your head to see the Iniquisitor remove the hood from the next prisoner. When he does, both Alexi and Victoriana stiffen at the discovery beneath.

An owl-like humanoid sits silently in the next chair, glaring up at the Inquisitor with icy blue orbs. Gray and white feathers seem to ripple across her lithe body, which is covered in a flowing royal blue and light gray tunic. A mane of black, glossy feathers cascades down the back of her neck and head. 

"An Aeri," Alexi breathes after a short pause, clearly unnerved. "Will wonders never cease?" He bends and almost reverently unties the gag from her shiny, black beak.

Before Alexi can say another word, the Aeri barks out in a crisp, fluty voice.

"What is the meaning of this?" she growls, her icy orbs shining irritably in the firelight.

"Pardons, madam," the Inquisitor apologizes, looking genuinely contrite. 

Victoriana scoffs from across the room. "Don't be taken in by the legends of the Aeri, Inquisitor. She is guilty, just as the other seven."

The Aeri's eyes flash with a renewed flame. "Guilty? What are the charges? Where is the evidence? Speak!"

"In due time," Alexi assures her in a soothing voice. "Let's start with a name."

"Arbiter Nadia Bluewind," the Aeri answers wistfully, to which the Inquisitor seems to inwardly wince.

"And an Arbiter to boot," Alexi mumurs, pinching the bridge of his nose in obvious frustration. "Damn."

From what you know about the Aeri race, an Arbiter essentially has the same duties as that of an Avaen Inquisitor--special investigations into matters of law and justice. While Arbiters only deal with crimes related to other Aeri, their prowess as warriors extends far beyond their mountain kingdom of Skai.

What is your opinion of Nadia?

  #Impressed. To be sitting in the same room as a lengendary Aeri Arbiter is a great honor.
    You silently wish you could have a better view of Nadia from your spot; you have heard the heroic tales of the Arbiters, all of which have fascinated you since childhood. Victoriana, however, does not share your enthusiasm.
    *goto CharacIntro4
  #Perturbed. While some, like the Inquisitor, might be enthralled by the legends of the Arbiters, you find any body of law that uses extreme measures and brutality to force order on others to be innately corrupt. 
    It takes every fiber of your being not to scowl at the Aeri, whose demanding tone has grated against your ears from the moment she opened her beak. Victoriana seems to share your sentiment.
    *goto CharacIntro4
  #Puzzled. You honestly don't know much about the Aeri race, and the only thing you know about Arbiters is how they compare to the Inquisitors.
    While sitting in the same room as one of the Owl People is a rarity at best, you simply don't know enough to have an opinion about the Aeri or the Arbiters. Victoriana does not possess the same indifference, as she soon makes her feelings quite clear.
    *goto CharacIntro4
  #Captivated. Nadia is a natural beauty, and you cannot help but admire her slender form.
    Aeri are known as the Heavenly Race for good reason. Her petite form is eclipsed by the brilliance of her enthralling presence. Victoriana, however, does not seem as taken with Nadia as you.
    *goto CharacIntro4

*label CharacIntro4

"Her status as an Arbiter," Victoriana drawls as she steps closer, "is immaterial. Furthermore, we have no way of corroborating her identity at the present moment. She must be treated with the same level of skepticism as the rest."

"True enough, Victoriana," Alexi agrees. 

Nadia looks halfway ready to snap his head off when Victoriana tells her, "Quiet, girl, or I'll shove that gag right back in your mouth. Understood?"

The Aeri relents and settles into a stony glare as the Inquisitor moves past her. From this point, you can hardly see the next prisoner, though you hear the familiar scratchy sound of the hood being removed and the gag untied.

"Your name?"

Try removing the *page_break. it’s unneeded.
It makes the code think the choice is not a choice but a textbody i think

I will, you are quite right on that one! I found the problem much further down and (finally, pant pant) resolved the issue. Sorry for the stupid thread, everyone.