Increasing Indent not allowed error

I’m crying for help here. Someone. Anyone.

	#visit “The Jumping Bean” with $!{ha_name}
		*set sadistic %-20
		*set stoic %-10
		*set r_ha %+10
		Blablablabla I'm not going to copy paste everything I wrote here because it's far too long and unnecessary.

	#order pizza
		*set sadistic %-10
		*set r_ha %+5
		I purse my lips together, clicking my phone on and scrolling through my contacts list, searching for blablabla

Tell me what’s wrong. Please.

And this line is where the second choice option starts. And as you see, you only get to see one choice on the screen and I created 4 choices there.
It went okay up until now. I am a beginner, really, and I am a fast learner so everything went okay and I figured all the errors out when I started with this thing BuT I dOnT uNdErStAnD tHiS oNe AnD ItS DrIvInG mE cRaZy

For the real guardian angels amongst us, here is the entire sequence if it helps…

help this poor soul out
It's not ideal, but we will be staying home and pizza is usually very good. Usually.

	#visit “The Jumping Bean” with $!{ha_name}
		*set sadistic %-20
		*set stoic %-10
		*set r_ha %+10
		I stand up from the couch, a smile playing on my lips and walked towards the door without muttering a single word. There I grabbed my own coat while throwing $!{ha_name}s to ${ha_himher}, who looked up with a startled expression settled on ${ha_hisher} face and grabbing the coat with a perfect reflex from the air.
“care to accompany me to the Jumping Bean?”
“..that cheesy but cozy place where youngsters and teenagers go for their first date?”
“..well, when you put it like that..”
“It's a date?”
“it's a date,” I finally answer back jokingly, and felt more than satisfied by hearing my friends high-pitched chuckle and the playful expression reflecting in ${ha_hisher} dark green eyes. $!{ ha_name} then walked past me, reaching out over my short body to take the keys from the house- shaped key stand against the wall before pulling the door open with ${ha_hisher} free hand.
“But I’ll drive,”
I smile faintly at ${ha_hisher} faint but noticeable enthusiasm. “sure, sure..”

	#order pizza
		*set sadistic %-10
		*set r_ha %+5
		I purse my lips together, clicking my phone on and scrolling through my contacts list, searching for “Stone’s pizza house”.
“Works for me,” $!{ha_name} answered with a near unnoticeable smile playing on ${ha_hisher} lips. While dialling the number, $!{ha_name} rushed over to the coffee table, pushing papers and magazines away until finding the one folder he was searching for.
“Stone’s pizza house at your service, how can I help you?” I heard from the other end of the line, and waved with my hand to my friend do hurry up with the folder, who took ${ha_hisher} back next to me, holding out the menu to me with a sigh of relief.
“Ah- uh, can we get one medium pizza of number..” I frowned down at the menu, trying to find the one I always ordered. But that one page was ripped off, and I closed my eyes in despair. Do I need to hang up now? Keep talking? Improvise an order? But before I could make another choice, I felt an eager hand shaking me awake and pointing down at pizza number 6.
“..pineapple pizza?” I hissed, looking at my eager friend who had serious hunger brewing inside ${ha_hisher} dark green eyes.
“Hello? It was medium pizza, you said?” I heard the woman from the other end of the line say, who was getting noticeable impatient ever so slowly.
“since when did you love pineapple on pizza?!” I whispered to $!{ha_name}, who dropped ${ha_hisher} face in utter disbelief.
“Since always? It's ducking delicious!” $!{ha_heshe} really loved it. I closed my eyes in frustration. This can't be..
“Pizza number 6, please. The one including the pineapple topping?”
“Alright.. you seem to be a frequent guest, so we have your address already stored in our system. The pizza will be delivered in about 30 minutes. Have a good evening..”
	#" know what? I’ll just try and make something with the stuff we have in the kitchen."
		*set bold %+20
		*set r_ha %+1
		$!{ha_name}s look shot up to catch my eyes with pure worry hiding in ${ha_hisher} dark green eyes, already small eyes getting even smaller. 
“What, seriously?”
“yea.. why?”
“You know.. how to.. cook?”
I gave ${ha_himher} a playful smile before shooting up and walking around the couch, straight into the kitchen.
“can't be that hard, can it?”
After having spend this long of a time with my roommate, I just can FEEL it when ${ha_heshe} gets uneasy. Like right now. ${ha_hisher} eyes get smaller rather than bigger, and ${ha_hisher} already pale face gets even paler. ${ha_heshe} begins to fumble with the sleeves of  ${ha_hisher} far-too-big and green-ish hoodie, and holds ${ha_hisher} knees closely together, almost looking like one single leg, like a scared child. It's adorable, in a strange way and I chuckle at the view. 
“don't worry, I won't blow up the chicken. Only gonna make a sandwich for the both of us.”
“Can I.. help?” I heard ${ha_himher} whisper, almost shy when I reached the refrigerator, only to look back at my roommate again.
	#I don't know about ${ha_name}, but I can survive without food at the moment.
		*set sadistic %+20
		*set r_ha %-5

Put it in a proper text editor and you can see exactly what’s wrong:

You need to indent all the text from “What, seriously?”

That’d be my assumption, anyway (although the error is the inverse, so go figure).


@CJW Yep, that could be it. I just noticed that myself, but thank you anyway (: The thing is, I am on vacation and I can’t use any proper text editor at the moment, so I just downloaded a random one from Google play store to write it there until I’m back home again, heh.

Edit: yep, this was the solution. I feel silly now, heh.

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