Expected option starting with # error

Hey everyone. Rather new to ChoiceScripting. Its been a blast to be honest. During development I have ran into a hiccup that I find rather odd. I can’t seem to fix this one. Ive had MANY errors and most I am able to figure out…especially one as simple as this. Could anyone figure out why I am having this issue? I’ll paste my code below. Ignore the goofy script I’m still in rough draft mode haha.

*label subterfuge_fight
Eldon hollers "Hey fatty, over here!" This immediately gets his attention and looks at Eldon. You waste no time and throw your stone as hard as you can!
Your stone sails threw the air with great speed and finds its mark at the center of the bullies forehead. Everyone in the crowd gasps and starts looking around, wondering where the stone came from. 
The large kid begins his slow descend to the ground. You hear a large satisfying thud and the bullies face meets the dirt. The crowd begins to whisper and clamour about what just happened. You start to think about your next move.
  #You climb down the tree and approach Eldon
    "I think people are starting to think I threw that stone." The crowd begins to surround you and Eldon and start cheering. The girl who was being bullied pushes her way through the crowd. "That was amazing! Thanks for sticking up for me!" she exlaims. The crowd slowly begins to disperse and soon its just Eldon, the girl, and you. "My names Kiara...whats your guys name?" she asks. Eldon chimes in "Im Eldon and this is ${name}." "Nice to meet you guys, where are you headed?"
      #We are off to run some errands in the market
        "Nice... I was headed that way myself, mind if I tag along?"
          #Sure why not
            "Thanks again for your help." All three of you begin walking towards the market.
            *set Kiara_Kno true
            *set Kiara %+10
            *goto market2
          #Nah we got things to do, you'll only slow us down
            "Ok...just thought I'd ask. Well thanks anyways." Kiara quickly walks off. She looks embarressed.
            *set Kiara_Kno true
            *set Kiara %-15
            *goto market
      #Avoid answering her question
        You and Eldon skirt telling Kiara where it is your going. "Well I guess I'll be headed off now. Thanks again for your guys help." Kiara walks away. "Well...to the market then?" Eldon says. Both you and Eldon begin walking towards the market.
        *set Kiara_Kno true
        *set Kiara %-5
        *goto market
      if (bad_trait = "Timid") #You look at Eldon for his answer
        "Excuse my friend here...he can be a little shy. We are headed off to the market if you'd like to join us?" "Well that'd be great, thanks!" The three of you begin walking towards the market.
        *set Kiara_Kno true
        *set Kiara %+3
        *goto market2
      if ((first_trait = "Gregarious") or (second_trait = "Gregarious")) #We'd love for a pretty lady such as yourself to join us to the market
        Kiara blushes. "Well thanks for the invitation, I think I'll take you up on that." Eldon winks at you and the three of you begin walking towards the market.
        *set Kiara_Kno true
        *set Kiara %+20
        *goto market2
  #You whisper for Eldon to follow 
    You and Eldon quietly walk away and get a good distance from the crowd. No one will ever guess who took out the bully. You both start walking towards the market.
    *goto market

if (bad_trait = "Timid") should be *if (bad_trait = "Timid")
if ((first_trait = "Gregarious") should be *if ((first_trait = "Gregarious")

*ifs need the asterisk to tell it’s a command.

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Wow… I dont know how I missed that! Thanks for the quick help and fix! :smiley: