Using Chrome to emulate save states

So, sometimes you might want to save and load a game, maybe to make different choices at different junctures. Here’s how you do it with google chrome. Some people might want to use other web browsers.

Use Chrome. Go to more tools, developer tools. Choose the “Application” tab on the top of the new window. Go to the tab Web SQL on the right of the new window, open it, select the title of the game, go to persist data. You should see ‘rowid’ ‘k’ and ‘v’. Look for where column ‘k’ is ‘state’

Copy column ‘v’ and past it into a text file. That’s your save

When you want to restore it, go to ‘game name’, and a text input screen will appear with a >
You copy your text file, and write ‘update persist_data set v=’(save file)’ where k=‘state’ then hit enter. It will vanish. If it doesn’t vanish, something went wrong. Look for ’ in the save data and delete them then try again.

Finally reload the page and you should be in your save location with your save stats.


It works, thanks.

(also, thanks for the new playground)

Sorry to bother you but im trying to edit one save and everytime that i put like what you said i get syntax error near ã(two boxes here i dont know how to make with the keyboard)update and when i remove any of the ‘ i get the error unrecognizable token ‘’{’’ thank you for your help and osrry if im doing any noob error i never had used the developer tools

That means that the author Incorporated anti-save measures. There’s a check within the game code that is looking for that removed ’

You need to find the ’ that’s being checked for and replace it with something. I need to double check. Basically there’s a symbol that means ‘ignore the next symbol’ and you need to put it before the ', but I don’t recall what it is.

I think I know which game you’re referring to specifically though, because it caused that problem for me. Just wait until you get to the next chapter and you can save there. It only prevents save loading in the first chapter if I recall.

The problem with that game is that there’s a ’ in the chapter name in startup.txt for the first chapter.

If I understood you correctly, which honestly I might not have. If not, sorry.

Wait: the error you’re getting is 'error unrecognizable token near {.

That usually means either you missed a ’ , you enclosed the save file in " or you used a font that has open and close ’ instead of just one type of ', and that makes a huge mess to fix.

Remember: update persist_data set v=‘save file’ where k=‘state’
With save file enclosed with ’

Sorry to bother you, but I’m having some trouble with this. Whenever I put in update persist_data set v=‘save file’ where k=‘state’, I get this:

What am I doing wrong here? I’m not very tech-savvy, so I don’t really know what’s going on :sweat:
I’m testing this on Life of a Mobster if that matters.


The save file is whatever you copied from the column ‘v’.

Also, as mentioned above, it has to be enclosed in image and not image


It worked! Thank you :relaxed:

Sorry it’s been a while since this was last posted but what is the symbol that means ‘ignore the next symbol’? I want to bypass the anti-save features and you seem to be the only one I saw on here that knows how to do that on chrome.

Normally it’s backslash \

I’m probably doing something wrong as I get this message.

could not prepare statement (1 unrecognized token: “\”)

Am I simply inputting the thing wrong? Blueness said I need to put the ‘ignore next symbol’ symbol before the ’ so that’s what I did. The way I input it was like this.

update persist_data set v=\‘save file’