Save system error


Im using this saving mechansim, and it works just fine when saving the game, but fails when loading saved progess.
I get this error message:

savegame line 10: invalid expression at char 25, expacted OPERATOR, was: VAR [sgender_text]

This is the savegame.txt:

`*if save_flag = 1
  *set sname name
  *set sgender_text gender_text
  *set sgender gender
  *set soccupition_text occupition_text
  *goto endsaveloadgame

*if save_flag = 2
  *set name sname
  *set set gender_text sgender_text
  *set gender sgender
  *set occupition_text soccupition_text
  *goto endsaveloadgame

*label endsaveloadgame

*if save_flag = 1
  *set save_flag 0
  Should you die during the next Chapter you will have the option of trying again
  from this exact point, or to replay the game from the very beginning.
  Please note that this option applies only to this session. After quitting the game,
  the next time you play will be from the very beginning.
  *if scene_number = 0
   *goto_scene startup
  *if scene_number = 1
   *goto_scene kneedeep

*if save_flag = 2
  *set save_flag 0

  Are you ready to resume from the beginning of 
  *if scene_number = 0
    Chapter One?
  *if scene_number = 1
    Chapter Two?
  *if scene_number = 3
    Chapter Three?`

and this is the relevant startup.txt section:

*create Name ""
*create Gender_text "Unknown"
*create gender 0
*create occupition_text "Unknown"
*create occupition 0
*create Cunning 50
*create Emotion 50
*create Violence 50
*create Rationality 50
*create Health 0
*create Hunger 0
*create Thirst 0
*create Fatigue 0
*create Strength 5
*create Dexterity 5
*create Charisma 5
*create Perception 5
*create Endurance 5
*create Willpower 5
*create sanity 100
*create food 0
*create water 0
*create heshe ""
*create himher ""
*create hisher ""
*create manwoman ""
*create body_count 0
*create save_flag 0
*create scene_number 0

*create sname ""
*create sgender_text "Unknown"
*create sgender 0
*create soccupition_text "Unknown"
*create soccupition 0
*create scunning 50
*create sviolence 50
*create srationality 50
*create semotion 50

What’s the problem? Thanks!


You have *set set in there.


i’ll do it, thanks… what’s set set exactly? Iv’e never encountered it before


It looks like a typo on your behalf.


*set set gender_text sgender_text

You’re setting a variable called “set” to the value of gender_text sgender_text which I’m guessing you don’t actually mean to do?


Oh silly me
I thought you told me to do it "set set"