Using Bug Checks

Could someone write an idiots guide to using the bug check tests here? I’m getting nowhere trying to use them!

Quicktest and Randomtest?

First off you need to be able to use command prompt (for PC). Once there, you switch to the directory where your game is. Here is how I do it on my game:

cd documents
cd choiceofgames

Note: the folder where your game is located must be mygame. For the purpose of loading the game to the Web, I remained it zombieexodus and the two bug testing features wouldn’t work.

Also randomtest can take a long time to run so I suggest limiting the tests by typing randomtest 5 (which tells the system to stop after 5 tests).

I found that my PC did not have .net framework installed, so I had to do that first. If you are having other problems or have errors, post them here. I had a lot of difficulty getting them to work, but once done, they are invaluable.

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After a lot of playing about I finally got them working. My problem was a java issue. I solved it thanks to a thread on the google group page here:

And a link from that page here:

This allowed me to run the tests successfully in cmd (using windows7)

I think I am having the same problem. I followed the links, but still couldn’t get it to work. Here is what command prompt displays:

C:\Users\Madison\Desktop\dfabulich-choicescript-4140592\dfabulich-choicescript-4140592>echo Executing randomtest, writing to randomtest-output.txt
Executing randomtest, writing to randomtest-output.txt

C:\Users\Madison\Desktop\dfabulich-choicescript-4140592\dfabulich-choicescript-4140592>java -jar js.jar randomtest.js 1>randomtest-output.txt
‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


I am currently just letting my little brother play through over and over till he runs into an error, but it takes forever.

@monkey I installed this Java file:

Java Platform, Standard Edition Development Kit (Java SE 6 Update 27)

from the second link and got it working from there. If that doesn’t work, read the FAQ section at the bottom of the second link. That might help too.

Hello, new here. I would really like to get a grasp of how to use these tests. So far, i have tried the different approaches listed here, but i still get the same error as monkey. If someone could make a step by step guide with no ambiguity, i would be really grateful.
So to recap. I can use cmd, but the tests cant recognize java.

(sorry for necro, but i think thats better than making a new topic) :slight_smile:

As a help to all who later might be watching this thread for help, i discovered that downloading standard java 62-bit solved my problem. java 32-bit does not work, for some reason. Cheers!