Upcoming Releases -- 2013


While I’m in the midst of disclosing things, I thought you might be interested to hear about some of our upcoming releases.

Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck: Space pirates, aliens, and a Galactic Police Force investigator, oh my! Released 4/12/13.
Sabres of Infinity: Released 6/21/13.
Slammed!: Released 6/28/13.
Choice of the Ninja: Released 7/26/13.
Choice of the Vampire: the Fall of Memphis: Released 8/2/13.
Paradox Factor: Released 8/2/13.
Affairs of the Court: 'Til Death Do Us Part: Released 8/16/13.
Heroes Rise: the Hero Project: Released 9/20/13.
Way Walkers: University 2: Released 10/11/13.
Murder in Berlin: Released 10/11/13.
The ORPHEUS Ruse: Released 10/25/13.
Showdown at Willow Creek: Released 11/15/13.
Choice of the Ninja 2.0: Released 11/21/13
Reckless Space Pirates: Released 12/6/13.
Zombie Exodus V: Released 12/6/13.
Choice of the Deathless: Released 12/20/13.
Burn(t): Released 12/20/13.


Choice of ninja and treasure seekers sounds interesting cant wait.


I can’t wait to play all of them! They sound awesome. I think I am most looking forward to is Choice of Crowns


Nice, looking forward to some new games to play! Glad to see the sequels coming up as well.


Woooo can’t wait for these


Thanks for the up date, can’t wait.


This all games sounds good :smiley: and I’m getting more excited now that I know when they are coming ><


Awesome Sauce!

One of the main reasons I check the forum every day is to see news like this. (Mainly lurked wit no acc but when I make one there is awesome news like this… Maybe I shouldve made one earlier…)

I will probably end up playing all of them x3


what happened to the choice of villain?


Hopefully the Heroes Rise sequel is more… open-world, for lack of a better term.


Glad you guys posted dates of new stories coming. Can’t wait!


Can’t wait for Choice of Crowns and Heroes Rise sequel!!


Choice of Crowns? Now you have my interest piqued.


choice of crowns :-)) look nice all of them, well except heroes rise sequel only hope there is at least a atom of a real choice in it and not a full fake choices with zero replay value


aww i am so exited for Affairs of the Court: Choice of Crowns it is time to get rid of the last object to absolute power: the queen.
and if there is no choice too usurp the throne then i will be sad but since this is a choice of game i am 80% sure that its in there. :smiley:


Looking forward to Choice of Crowns, though I think I may end up regretting marrying Juanita off to Sahra. D:


Looking forward to choice of crowns, choice of ninja, orpheus ruse and slammed!


That’s why I just executed her much cleaner :wink:


Affairs of the Court: Choice of Crowns, and Vampire: the Fall of Memphis - I’ve been eagerly awaiting these two for awhile. It’s great to see ETA’s for them. Will there be a beta-testing period for AotC:CoC as well or did I miss it?

Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck, and The Orpheus Ruse - Both of these sound intriguing to me.

Heroes Rise: the Hero Project I was traumatized by the original. If the sequel is more of the same, I’m not masochistic enough to want to go through that again. I loved the basic concept however so if the major issues are fixed I might be able to bring myself to give it another try.

Choice of the Ninja - Uhhh…I think I’m going to wait until I read the reviews on this one. The game could be wonderful, but the title makes me roll my eyes.

Slammed! - Not my cup of tea so I’ll pass. I know plenty of people who love this stuff however.


How were you traumatized by Heroes Rises?