Upcoming CoG Games on Steam 2022


(You can even name specific body parts for optional steamy scenes)

I have some questions. :joy:

Sounds super fun based on this description alone:

Make friends, fall in love, or just watch them fall flat on their faces as they run for their lives.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I find it really considerate how the non-binary identity option isn’t automatically grouped under the trans umbrella option in the game’s description. While my NB characters are usually trans as well, I know that this isn’t the case for everyone. Much appreciated.


Ahh as i fear Lord of infinity in 2023, i need to stay strong

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Looks like last month of the year


Something due out in Nov it looks like:


Huh, I didn’t realise the demos for those two (Viking and Skystrike) are out already. As well as the demo for New Witch in Town; it seems promising so far!

If you click the Steam link there should be a “Download Demo” button on the page. If it doesn’t appear, try looking up the title of the game + demo on the search bar. If it still doesn’t work (Steam can be quite buggy…), try pasting this on your browser on PC:

Choice of the Viking: steam://install/1975540
New Witch in Town: steam://install/1380300
Skystrike: Wings of Justice: steam://install/1975560

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Where are the demos??

It wouldn’t be the first time a dev put something up, accidentally have it be live, and then disable it until it is closer to the release date. I think this may be the case since the demos just go to the main Steam page.

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No, it’s intentional. They’re live for Steam’s Next Fest.

Yeah, on Steam the demo links are supposed to take you to the main page. I can access them on my Steam account.

Cool, will there be livestreams of them?

Yup! The 5th and 6th. WerewolfFeels will be doing it again.


I just looked up the New Witch in Town so I could set a reminder to watch the Livestream and according to my steam, I may like this game because it’s similar to Skyrim and Fallout 4… like how?! :rofl:

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So, I actually had to move the stuff on the 5th to the 6th, because I’m a moron.

Here are the new events:

Thought we were all done for new entries for 2022, but here we are :slight_smile:


thats great:)


I quite like the title design (?) for the cover art. Seems like it uses hand-drawn elements which is a nice touch.

And now there’s a Steam page for the sequel to Belle-de-Nuit. En garde!


Is this a whole new game or just DLC?

A direct sequel.

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Here I thought this thread was about done with, but there is one more entry: