Upcoming Authors

Hello, I was looking to see if there were any stories to be released soon and I saw a writer’s name that looked familiar, but I could not place my finger on where I remember them from. I wanted to request there be something that I could click on their name maybe where I could see previous titles by that author. Don’t know if this is possible but if so, it would make me happy.

Well, can see it as being useful. Some authors have their titles mentioned in their small summaries or whatever they are, but that function could make it easier.

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You mean both on the upcoming CoG/HG lists?

Yes. The lists would be better in my opinion if they had more information on the types of stories they’ve written etc.

Actually I was just thinking that today. The COG/HG library has expanded so much that it’d actually be great to have a drop down menu with a list of authors and genres to search by on the main site. (Not sure how hard that is to implement.)