Untitled Werewolf Project (Interest Check)


Hello all! After a good two years of avidly reading and stalking CoG and its forums, I’ve finally decided to work on a story/game/what have you of my own. I’ve just begun writing and still haven’t figured out a solid story line quite yet, but I have a few general ideas and would like to share them with you guys to see if they hold any interest!

  • From the title, you can gather that this project is going to focus on werewolves. As the MC, you are a young adult who has just come of age (I’m thinking 16 maybe?), which means you will begin changing and become an official member of your pack.

  • Aside from werewolves, I’d like to take inspiration from mythology and also throw in witches for the potential as enemies, as well as humans of both civilian and hunter status, and delve into the different cultures that come with species and societal faction (civilian/hunter/pro-werewolf/anti-werewolf/pro-witch/anti-witch etc.)?

  • It will likely take place in a fictional small town derived of supernatural origin, as Stephen King’s work has always had a huge influence on my writing in that sense. The MC would learn more about the town’s history, the politics of their pack (and possibly surrounding packs), and maybe even catch wind of an underground black market of some kind as the story continues?

  • A greater emphasis on RO story lines/subplots and slow-building romance. I noticed a lot of discussion of romance being cast to the side, or mentioned only once and then forgotten. With this idea, each NPC who has the potential of being a RO would have their own unique subplot that the MC could become involved with. Or for those wishing to play an asexual MC, there could be an option to still become involved in the subplot, but more as a friend??? Each NPC who has the potential of being a RO would have their own set sexuality, but there would be more options for ROs as far as sexuality goes (i.e.; As of right now, I’m considering three gay males, three gay females, three straight males, three straight females, and four bisexual characters). My only fears are that some of these options would not come around until later on in the story for the sake of sticking to the pace of the main plot, and that it would be too complicate to code (I have zero experience with choicescript thus far).

  • Non-binary options. It would essentially be similar to what Sashira did for Monsters of New Haven High; writing in a “preference” and “orientation” hidden variable - a third-gender person who likes only girls would have the same preference as a gay female, but a different orientation label?

  • Attributes and personality bars that fluctuate depending on the decisions the MC makes. The attributes I have in mind are strength, stamina, agility, willpower, charisma, intelligence, and confidence. The personality bars I have in mind are leader/follower, hero/coward, straight shooter/deceiver, conformist/rebel, socialite/loner, and human/wolf.

That’s about all I have for right now. This project is in the earliest stages of development and nothing’s set in stone quite yet, but I want to get some feedback and see if any of it sounds interesting. I’m open to any ideas/critiques you may have! This project has been a long time coming and I’m excited to officially join the CoG community!

Keep on rocking, guys! :wink:


That sounds very ambitious (like most first attempt stories). Please do keep in mind that it’ll take a lot of time and effort to actually do all this (in terms of complexity level you should think something like Guinevere rather than something ‘simpler’ like Unnatural). It doesn’t mean I think it wouldn’t be completely awesome, I’m just worried that you’re biting off more than you can chew. (It sure happened to me on my first ever project, which is now long since dead.)

Now on to the actual game topic.
I absolutely love stories about werewolfs and pack dynamics from the point of view of a werewolf. Way too few people depict it in that way. (One of my favorite books, ‘Blood and Chocolate’, by Annette Curtis Klause, does a wonderful job describing the connection between werewolfs and the moon, pack dynamics and why humans and werewolfs don’t mix. I’d say it’s a must read if you haven’t already. :wink:)

If you need help with coding, feel free to PM me. I’d be glad to help.


I completely agree with @Cecilia_Rosewood on… pretty much everything said above.

Werewolf fiction is a long lost love of mine but I’ve never gotten to express it. Ahhh the heart ache.

Anyway it’s super epic that you’re trying something like this. I’ve always thought of them as more the simple movie monsters so if you need help I can lend my brain from time to time.

As per the scope I suggest you narrow the stats a little. Having too many can quickly overwhelm. Building a choice game is difficult because every variable becomes exponential. Every time you branch the options double.
Keep going and the numbers explode. And so does the amount of work. Every successful game I’ve seen manages these by creating choke points in the story or simplifying variables.

Orginisation will really help in the long run.

I wish you the best of luck
Much luv


Hello there :smile:
Sounds great :smile:
What kind of werewolf is you talking about? Can you transform when you want? Or only when full moon?

And great idea with that many NPC you can romance. Is it possible for harem?


I must say I look forward on seeing your work and good luck👍


Hmm, It’s quite interesting,and I have a doubt about pack politics will there be like a werewolf war or something for Alpha of the pack, and I would suggest combining few stats as someone stated they can really be overwhelming.
You can combine them like this:
Stamina+Agility (+strength if you wish)
Charisma+confidence (obviously)
And rest would do fine,
And I had a question in my mind, will you be adding a codex or encyclopedia for lore (I hope I have not made a complete fool of myself)


16 romance able characters each with their own story? Do you actually have that many characters ready?


Give me a werewolf game or novel any time!!
I’m really excited for this game since i love every thing that’s werewolf.


Absolutely. This looks great. Are there any advantages to the ‘negative’ sides of the personality bars (follower, coward, deceiver, etc)?


A lot of Supernatural stories have been popping up a lot, but actually being able to be apart of a werewolf pack sounds awesome!
And 16 romances with subplots wow, I bet you are gunna have a lot of coding to do lol. I already can’t for the demo :smiley: GL coding/writing it, it will be a very interesting read.


I’m all about werewolf games, so go for it!!!


I also agree with earlier posts…I think the stats should be simple, and keeping the ro options not overwhelming… I’d hate to see this scrapped I love werewolf games


It sounds like it could be really good? Idk. The ideas seem too raw to tell. But if a werewolf CoG came out I’d play it in a heart beat.


Sounds good, there is a lack of werewolf games, and game involving fantasy creatures in general, they all seem to get scrapped before going very far.


love the idea already i also want to be a werewolf when i was a kid


You know. I haven’t said anything about whether or not I’m interested.

Werewolves were actually my introduction to the realm of TF. Unfortunately werewolves are usually used for power fantasies, drama, and the old style horror.

A werewolf ashamed of their wolf form without thinking themselves a monster would be a nice change. A were anything (werebear, weresheep, wererabbit, etc.) like that would be a nice change.


Will you game include vampires? if so do they like bite wolves?


I’m really interested in it.I’m looking forward d’ont give up :blush:.


This looks cool and I like it. Try to make the game you want and see how it goes. I love werewolves (especially tv werewolves w/ puppy eyed actors!) and can’t wait to see a demo x)


As the author hasn’t even replied to it, I think they abandoned it but I hope that’s not true.