Until the Colors Bleed Gray {WiP} (Updated 11/6/20) (Now with new music!)

There’s a wistful and whimsical feel to this that I really enjoyed. That and the tinge of a bitter and mysterious past (oooOo drama) that I hope to see more of.

Definitely keeping an eye on this one and no, I’m definitely not already in love with the ros or anything nooope ma’am! :wink:


Wow! I was looking for something like this and you nailed it especially with the music i felt refreshed after finishing the demo i would love to see future updates.

This is really well written just thought I’d say as much, the only thing I saw was when saying goodbye to Sebastian you can straighten his uniform? I’m not saying blind people don’t have a sixth sense but… Though I think it’d be funny if you go to straighten his uniform and wind up mussing it up further. Anywho really well done I look forward to reading more.



cool wip you got here, great writing style, cool premise and engaging story. sebastian is great as a little bro figure and i love the personality choices. keep up the good work, can’t wait to see more!

one other thing i’m really digging is the text/narrative-based stats. really love it games like tin star and others where a little description of your talents (or lack thereof) is given instead of just numbers

oh yeah, little bug. in the name choice, the name nicholas turns into wilder. funny thing is, i like the name wilder better. can we have that as another option?


Interesting start to the story!

First off, thank you all for the pointers and comments, I really appreciate them!

Just fixed that! It’ll be out once I update the demo with the adjustments from here. :slight_smile:

Ooh that gives me an idea… :wink:

Ah, Wilder used to be an option but I replaced it haha, I’ll fix Nicholas and also add that in for you in the next update though!


I don’t know why, but I love that this story has a disabled MC! I’m disabled myself but I’m not blind I have CP. I know someone who is almost blind though. So thanks for giving the disabled people of the forum more representation!

I’ll keep an eye one this one! Good on you! :heart::heart::heart:


I’m glad that you liked it! I myself don’t have real life experience with being blind, so I hope y’all will help me make this story and its Mcs the best that they can possibly be!


I loved the writing style. The idea of a blind person being the MC is pretty cool. You don’t really see these kind of WIPs everyday. I also like the different powers, though I’ve been just choosing randomly just to see what will happen. In real life, we have no control over what happens so I use like a odds generator to make it more random for me. Still, keep up the good work.


I loved the beginning.

As a person that lived their entire life within a block or so of the ocean … there is one thing that bothered me.

Everywhere I lived, it would be seagulls, not pelicans that would be the common scavenger bird … the pelicans were always afraid of humans and the only place I saw them more than incidentally would be in the nature preserve … one of the Navy bases I lived next to, had a wildlife preserve that was huge.

I also don’t know if you modelled your scene on a particular beach town or not but your description actually reminds me of a couple of possible places … one of which is the town/city that the Navy Base and Nature Reserve I mentioned above was located.


Ooh, that sounds like a really interesting way to go about this, I’ll be eager to see where this leads you once the story delves deeper into these choices! :eyes:

Omg I know exactly what you mean! The areas described so far are a mix of places I grew up visiting every weekend or so (Funnily enough, someone compared it to Disneyland lol). I’ve lived in California my whole life and drove to beaches often so the pelicans must have been a slip, I’ll fix it in the next update! :+1:


I’ll tell you how it goes when the time for the abilities comes. Though I wonder, if we choose a wide plethora of choices instead if sticking with a select few, what would happen?

A Quick Update!

  • A save feature has been implemented

  • Grammar/description mistakes that were brought up have (hopefully) all been corrected

  • The indent error in companions and the first name issue with Nicholas and Wilder have been fixed

  • Choose whether you want to go through the nitty-gritty school clothing colors or skip through it and have the default colors (you still choose the top, bottoms, accessory, and shoes though)

  • More explicit transitions into memories and the lullaby


What do you mean by that? If you’re referring to the power sets, this is what I’m planning to do:

The choices you make on your walk to school and when you’re standing at the sink narrow down the ten possible faere types you can be to five (ex: choosing cold water narrows down heat/ice to ice). Once the time comes for Mc to awaken their faere powers, I’m leaning towards showing the five options that it was narrowed down to so that the reader makes the ultimate decision.


I see. That basically answers my question. Though I’m still gonna leave it up to ‘fate’ to decide what I’ll be. In other games, it’s given me character loadouts that I thought I would never use

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I enjoyed this demo very much, i never thought that it would be so interesting playing a game from the perspective of a blind MC. Im looking forward for updates!

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I’m looking forward to this one. :heart:

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I can’t wait for the full version…
I’m sorry if I’m being rude, but thank you for making the MC blind… it kinda feels more special, idk why
Keep up the good work!


Found a very promising WiP to lurk on lol. I also don’t want to be rude but I really like that MC’s blind here. It’s different and exciting

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