Untested COG code

Okay this is really getting to me as it seems impossible to fix, I have finally managed to sort out some of the if errors and it passed QT with a few untested lines:
*if not(choice_is_web or choice_is_steam)

*purchase_discount adfree 2022-06-23 $2.99 $1.99 purchased
*page_break No, thanks. I’ll wait through the ads.
*goto purchased
You can play through the game once for free, or purchase unlimited replays below.
*purchase_discount adfree 2022-06-23 $2.99 $1.99 purchased
*page_break Play Now for Free

All of which is code COG added, now adding comment to test then removing afterwards does help however I have been told that basically its not allowed.

I can’t find any way to test these lines of code without other errors poping up, I have emailed but been left without a reply for 3 days and I am seriously considiring giving up, since others have games on here there must be a way but its eluded me as far.

This looks like code that is meant to run only when published by CoG, if you want to run your project, try using the version you sent to them before they added the code

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This is correct, QT and RT don’t run those commands, they’re skipped past and only used once the game is published. (I was sorting out my final files for an upcoming game yesterday and had the same thing happen when I used QT and RT to check my edits - it’s not anything to worry about.)

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