What to try if your compiler/tester stops working

Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this problem but yesterday for some reason the tester and compiling functions on my choicescript games ALL stopped working. Even copying the files to make them “new” didn’t seem to help. Turns out I’m pretty sure windows in its wisdom has decided to auto reject starting the programs on my existing CS programs without telling me. Don’t ask me why, I’m not sure. I thought it might have been a dropbox conflict problem as that’s the only new program I’ve installed recently, but now I’m leaning towards windows glitch/update issue as deleting dropbox didn’t help.

What I ended up doing was downloading a fresh copy of the choicescript files from the site and suddenly windows decided to recognise it as a new program and gave me the option to run/not run the testers/compilers and I could transfer my game files into the fresh download version.

Anyway, just in case it turns out to be a windows update thing rather than a random glitch I thought I’d put this here to save anyone else messing about for ages trying to work out how to get their CS files working again.


@Jacic Game not compiling properly could this help?

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No different problem. This was just an advisory in case anyone else has a similar problem, I can fix it with transferring my WIPs into new downloaded files from the COG site. May have been my own personal glitch rather than a universal windows update issue if no one else is experiencing it though :slight_smile: .

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