Unsupervised - You were a sidekick. Now, you kick ass. (WIP)

when will this game be released?

When it’s ready


Can anyone tell me if we can participate in the robbery with Telltale in this demo? I feel like I missed a lot of scenes with her but I’m not sure how to get them

You can do 2 robbery with Telltale for the second to happen you must either kill Claire or reveal your identity to her

Ohh thank you! I only did one because I always refuse to let them know my identity but I will try it now :smiley:

So, when your MC has time powers, there are a couple of scenes where they age and get really frail due to their abuse of time. Do you return to normal eventually or do you stay aged?

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Honestly the guy needs back off. Reminds me of Preston Garvey from Fallout 4 always in your face about helping and what not to do. Flit can Flit off and we do whatever anyway. 90% sure they are the reason the team disbanded lol


“sussy” :skull:

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From what I remember of my playthrough, when you get a good night’s rest you revert to regular age, but there are some telltale signs eg: (deeper laugh lines, crow’s feet).


Question demo ends with the fight with Thaummaturge right?

(Nevermind :rofl::yum:, just saw that extra bit :sweat_smile:)
Second how have I only just found this!?
This was some needed interactive superhuman fiction drugs
When the demo ends, just as the MC starts owning the villains ass.


On steam it is wrote that the game is release in december 2023 is it true ?


I don’t think it’s official, but that could be what they’re aiming for.

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Don’t you need to submit the game in advance to choice of game for release, then they give you a date ?

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That’s how it works for Hosted Games. For CoG games, the authors are working under editorial supervision, so they can estimate approximately when a game might be finished.


Yeah, it’s still an approximation and may move around depending on what happens in beta and how long copyediting takes, but is easier to estimate. It looks like autumn/winter is gearing up for a bunch of exciting releases!


you could mark or blur spoilers fir the benefit of the curious browsers poking the thread before pkaying (or finishing), my good (preferred affectionate slang for friend HERE)

The demo has been updated! (Please check if it is saying Beta 0.51 at the top)

The good news is that we added around 80k new words to it.

The bad news is that all of those words are for scenes that happen between going to your mentor’s base and reaching the warehouse. We weren’t kidding when we said that everything was still a WIP, and it’s why the demo originally ended after fighting Thaumaturge.



  • Added the helmet from the cover.
  • Added the color pink.
  • Added symbols.
    → Just as a proof-of-concept, we will let you place them in specific spots on your costume later.
    → Feel free to suggest new symbols, too, if they aren’t in the game.
  • Made it a bit easier to navigate through the menus.
  • The game now checks which are the main colors of your uniform and acknowledges them.
    → This is going to serve various purposes, like someone wearing an entirely black costume having an easier time hiding in shadows, or someone dressed in red, white, and blue being called “the American flag.”


  • The conversation with Blair was revamped.
    → Not sure if the previous version of the demo already had this, though.
  • The interaction with Red Harry, which only happens if you go talk with Blair in your superhero persona, has also been changed.
  • If you don’t get the information about Jackdaw with Blair, you now access an extensive scene with Ghostling in a fast food joint where you can try to look for clues.
    → This is a brand new scene.
  • Going to Jackdaw’s house also has been revamped.
    → If you go alone (requires >= 5 Agility), you can now choose to just take his phone, interrogate him, and/or kill him.
  • If you send LB to Jackdaw’s house and you are working with PARENTS, there’s a pursuit scene and a fight with him in his superpowered form.
    Ghostling can die here, but we still need to expand on that.
  • If you get Jackdaw’s phone, it is now locked.
    → There’s a mini-game which probably is a bit too hard for people without high Intellect or Enhanced Senses, but you can bypass it with Nexus’ help.
    → Either way, you can access the device for clues now.

Please report any bugs, typos, or weird stuff you find during your playthrough. It really helps!


Thank you very much :sob:

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Can’t wait for Vorpal content.


Can’t wait to see her interaction with Flip :rofl:we know she kill people so he’s gonna be worse to her than to Ghostling