Unsupervised—Once, you were a sidekick. Now, you kick ass!

I really enjoyed this game but as others said it really feels like part one of a lager story. I love the customization in it. It should have had a warning or something so people wouldn’t be upset at the sudden ending.

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I really laugh cuz that pratically end is the end of the demo (plus some work to make people believe ). For me the story is done. Doing other part of the story will only bring mistrust now.
to please people the dlc will be rush, making people sad. They will again take keybord (making another circle again for more).

This is a too soon release game. If the studio want to make release planning on a story game, it will put more people on the writing story == more people to pay == no more chop story.

Just let authors take more time to make storys, real lengh book story.

Cliffhanger felt like being hit with baseball bat in the face while running down the hallway. Ouch .


Cliffhanger is fine. I expected it.

Just not the way the villain talks. He should of let me figure it out without spoiling.

I assumed it was me just going to future diversion timelines of events.

Now it seems its just an alt me. That causes me to disconnect and not care, I would stop the rogue AI more now. Yes, one word said to me, f the future hes in. For now.

Im giving that future a chance to prove I will care about maybe saving it.

Unsure if alt me was supposed to been me or not yet. The child I didn’t get a chance to build up to before separation says its alt me, not me.

Yeah that is my ONLY hangup. The child I didn’t get a chance to discuss about with RO. As 2 women with identical parts can’t do “Surprise!”, without one sabatoging the other.

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That doesn’t sound very much like a comic book villain to me.


Right, I’m aware. Him telling me just means I reject and want to defeat the rogue AI even more than before. Knowing Im in an alt verse, where I didn’t stop it, for some reason.

I gotta wait to see if alt me is me or definitely alt me.

I wonder if the mc on the time traveler route, would go back to the past to stop events from reaching that state with rogue AI and super powered people ramaping across the globe because now that route is just weird, I always hate/love time traveling, since the mc did what thaurmaturge was trying to prevent the mc that didn’t have time manipulation from doing before giving the alternate future a chance, does that mean we indirectly killed Chronomancer since he came from that alternate world or was he born in the original timeline if we choose time manipulation or is it based on what the mc does

While a lot people feel the game is incomplete due to the cliffhanger ending, I for one, am not among them. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the characters and the world building - I appreciate the cliffhanger as it undoubtedly leads to the possibility of a sequel, which I am hopeful for, in fact I could easily see Unsupervised becoming a trilogy.

I don’t particularly have any gripes about it, and sure some parts did feel a bit rushed in the sense that they weren’t fully explored, but not so much as to ruin the bigger picture. The save feature, the customization and the way our abilities affect the world around us are my personal highlights. The scum feature is also a nice touch for those who enjoy the replayability aspect.

Great job, guys, I’m looking forward to more adventures in the Unsupervised verse and hopefully you get enough demand to warrant a full sequel.


Ughhh bruh you have seen the achievement list if you read it you will see some achievement which felt as the game was missing something and the game was not supposed to end there, so the reason why some of them are voicing that is incomplete because it is


What do you mean ? Alll the achievement can be achieve in the game.

There is currently only one achievement that’s impossible to get in game (without stat-editing at least) and it’s not because of missing content, but rather just a bug. I managed every other achievements without problems. **Edit: After the update it’s now possible to complete all the achievements.

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You may have done this already, but just in case you haven’t - please send this to support (at) choiceofgames (dot) com so it can be corrected.

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New build pushed! Bugfixes galore!

r55443 or higher.


What “other achievements” do you mean? Like others said, all these are already in the game.


huh then my bad, I guess the game got a update