Unit 13 - The Disappearance of Professor Jones [WIP]

Unit 13 is a clandestine British agency tasked with keeping the country safe from paranormal threats.

Being a British agency, Unit 13 is woefully underfunded and its agents are expected to complete their missions within a strictly defined departmental budget.

In this first instalment, you and your partner are tasked with the case of a university professor who has gone missing during fieldwork in an area of known occult activity.

Finding what’s happened to the professor and combating the supernatural threats might prove to be the easy bit - can you did it without blowing the budget?

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/6919


Great start

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Sorry what is this supposed to mean? I’m curious.

Britain is not great at funding its government agencies. So you get organisations like the police and the national health service that just don’t get the funding they need to do the job properly and they have to improvise and cut a lot of corners.

The joke here is that even Unit 13, which should be hugely important since its protecting the country from paranormal threats, the government hasn’t really provided the money.


Oh. In Wales, our government is actually okay with funding so I guess that confused me. I also keep forgetting that we do have a different government

Interesting plot. I’ll be watching this Wip :slight_smile:

Just wondering, will there be more paranormal cases or will it be all focused on this one?

It will probably be quite episodic - lots of different cases with some recurring characters.

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Top agencies such as MI5 and MI6 are pretty well funded, not as much as their US counterparts but better than the Police Force, I believe Wales is still funded by HM Treasury for the most part.
But as I work for a lesser UK government agency I can totally understand this, being asked to do a job with sub par or incorrect equipment is a common occurrence. Will keep an eye on this one.


Just from the plot I can tell I am gonna love this story. It’s time to turn into James Bond :relaxed:

Just right off the bat, I tried to go check my stats to see what there was, but I got this error.

“Couldn’t load scenes/choicescript_stats.txt?cb=701733
The file is probably missing or empty.”

I really like what you have so far, though!

Thanks Pinmat, I’ll take a look into it

Thanks all for the kind feedback, I’ve put more (in fact the bulk) of the story up now:



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