Undiscovered/Unrecognized authors thread

(I talked about this in another thread)
In my opinion, I don’t think a lot of writers get the recognition they deserve, unfortunately.
So this is a thread for authors or friends of the author to post or share their Undiscovered works. (with a link to their WIP thread.)
(I hope this is okay to do.)

  • While this is mostly a thread for works that are below 150 likes, authors who think their work is Undiscovered or not popular can post their work here as well.

  • Please no arguing.


I don’t see anything wrong with it, but I’d like to ask: what do you think counts as “undiscovered”? :slight_smile: Under a certain amount of likes, views, comments, or clicks? Or a feeling that the author/friend has about their work?

(I only ask because I wouldn’t want the thread to devolve into arguing about what counts as popular or “discovered” or not. If someone posts a link that many consider to already be visible or popular, but doesn’t seem that way to its author, conflict may arise. So maybe guidelines might be best? This could of course just be preemptive worrying. I appreciate your intention behind it!)


Both really, This is mostly a thread for works that are below 150 likes but if an author believes that their work is undiscovered or not that popular they can post their work here as well. (hopefully, there won’t be any arguments.)

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Well a wip that I am a fan of that really deserves some attention in my opinion is Replica between universes. It has a real interesting premise on literal universe hoping with some interesting characters. I’d deffeantly advise anyone who’s looking for a wip to support or try out.


That feeling you get when you realise half the games you’re writing/have written fall into the “not popular” category :smile:/:sob:


A great thread idea! Since I mentioned this one in the other thread as an example of a story that got less attention due to its unique and eclectic subject matter (and since I was definitely the creator of a couple of the nothing posts Sam mentioned getting, popping in mostly for cow-related puns), it certainly deserves a mention here as well. Winter of the Bovine! With the expertly named Foal Throttle appearing to be inert, this is the unquestioned champeen of four-legged farm animal WIPs.

I was going to link to the Oedipus story as well, but it’s already been submitted to HG so thread likes and feedback would really be spitting in the wind at this point. I still encourage everyone to support it when it comes out, though.

A lot of people here, myself included, occasionally decry the lack of originality in story ideas. Here are two established authors that are following their passion and creating something ferociously unique, and that has a lot of value. Taking ChoiceScript where it has never gone before always has the potential to bring in people who might otherwise have never considered checking out any of the company’s offerings. And I’d rather a flawed but creative story than generic pablum that mostly just checks the expected boxes any day of the week.

As far as existing works go, I will throw a shoutout to Carlos Romero’s Missing Wings. Here’s another example of a game which takes ChoiceScript to some new places. It has a narrative to tie things together, but first and foremost it is a minigame collection whose scope and breadth is unparalleled, likely in any text-based gaming format. Not all of the games hit, but those that do can be very engaging. Try the demo, see if it’s up your alley. And keep in mind a fair amount of the negative reviews were due to an early bug that rendered the game even more difficult (and it is already a toughie, no question, although he has a guide thread on the forum to provide help as needed) but which is now corrected. Though honestly I made so much money on the minigame before the horse racing I never relied on it anyhow.

And even though it is self-serving, I guess my own freshman effort qualifies as fairly undiscovered, given its earnings to date. Nuclear Powered Toaster is a post-post-post-apocalyptic sci-fi comedy where you choose between two fixed protagonists: smuggler Alexi Beaumont and superpowered government agent Fiorella Branford. You fight flunkies, stare down spaceships, harness the power of insanity and potentially thwart a terrorist attack with some unusual comrades by your side. Some dare to call it funny. Some lean more toward juvenile (they’re not entirely wrong, either). Many consider the mere existence of set protagonists a personal affront worthy of a blood feud. But it’s a story I have tried to tell in various formats (webcomics, regular novel, even a brief attempt at a RPG Maker game) for almost all of my adult life, and I’m proud to have completed it. If you happen to try it out, I’d love a good review, especially on Steam, where my self-aggrandizing review sits alone with all its friends.


That. All of that. :clap:

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This thread seems to be for sharing links to undiscovered or underrated existing games. Discussion of a game—or an idea for a potential game—beyond sharing or recommending it should take place elsewhere.


I’ve been involved in two collaborative games, but neither of them have done very well. Possibly because they’re relatively short, or because the mix of writing styles is jarring? I think they’re both excellent, although of course I’m biased.

Starship Adventures is funny semi-episodic retro scifi.

Lost in the Pages is a series of stories linked by the PC’s quest to save their uncle (who is… wait for it… lost in the pages).


I gave a try to Lost in the Pages and idk… Something was off about it: I liked the concept but maybe it was bc of the different writing styles (I assume all authors have their own style) or maybe bc I thought that it jumped too quickly from one scene and setting to another one, like I was just getting the hang of a detective genre setting and then I suddenly found myself in a fantasy. I know that was part of the concept still it feelt too sudden, I didn’t feel like I accomplished anything in the former yet.
Since you were involved with that do you mind if I ask if the different authors did get to look at what the others have written?

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Have you ever wanted to participate in a judgement day? Maybe butt heads with the local gods? Are you willing to condemn your city to its doom, while annoying the stick out of your divine companion?

I present to you the Judgement of Tarkar, where all this - and more - is possible:

Enjoy balancing your every day life with your divine guide duties, because the day of judgement is just around a corner. Maybe.

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Please post your praise of various works on the threads dedicated to those works.