Underneath A Sullen Moonlight (Wip) [25k words]

[Updated 17 December 2023]

The game originally started as a small story that I began writing a few ideas for back in 2019, but then abandoned until now. The story begins in the wake of several attempts at rebuilding society after its destruction, in a post-war/semi-apocalyptic setting. Forced to run for your life as a child when a war broke out in a dystopian Pacific Northwest in the year 2035, you currently live in a small village, away from the ashes of the former society. Your peace, however, doesn’t last long, and now you’re caught up in situations you never imagined possible. Will you allow your past to haunt you, or face your demons and make a new life for yourself?

  • Play as a male, female, or non-binary character

  • Use your newfound potential to spare lives or let them perish, to help the world around you flourish, or to burn it to the ground in your path

  • Find ways to get out of tough spots with the aid of tech, wits, or cold-blooded methods

  • Discover ancient secrets and use your knowledge to make the choices that you see fit

  • Explore romance or stay away from it entirely

That being said, please excuse any grammatical errors you may encounter for now. After Chapter 1 especially some of the text is not super polished yet and Chapter 2 is playable but not entirely complete so you may see some corny parts there, although if people like it I’ll dedicate more time to it.
I would absolutely love to hear any feedback, it’s the first time I’ve tried to do something like this so I’d really appreciate it.

There are about 25k words per path and 229k per total. For now, the differences between paths aren’t huge but I will diversify them more as I work on the game. They will also branch out further after Chapter 2, as the story already exists in 16 separate instances within the code and I’m going to rework some of the stats as well.

About me I’ve wanted to get more into writing for years but didn’t really have the confidence to so I decided to get into making music instead. Recently I thought I might as well give it a shot, I felt like it’s now or never.

Link: Underneath A Sullen Moonlight

v1.1 (December 17 Update):

  • Polished and added some text, removed some errors

  • Map of Swynport and art of Tommy now present in the game

  • Crestmont Flats Mine section of the game should finally be fully playable

Please let me know if you encounter any crashes with this version, thank you.


I was going to include a nice drawing I did for Chapter 1 to go along with the post but apparently I keep getting the “An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.” message :frowning: Oh well.


It seems interesting so far im interested to see where it goes.
though there is a small part i dislike, the fact the main character used to date amy, as someone who isnt interested in women it was slightly jarring. other then that i enjoyed the story


Thank you!:blush: Valid point, maybe I’ll change that aspect later on.

Interesting story so far. This may just be my personal preference so take it with a grain of salt, but I dislike how pre-established the MCs personality, history, feelings and reactions are. It feels more like I’m reading a story and less like I’m interacting within one. I think the story could benefit from more customization of the MC and meaningful choices.


A lot of the story in the beginning is focused around worldbuilding, so most of the meaningful choices and player’s input in the mc’s feelings, reactions, personality will roll in from now on together with the action. I do however want to make the mc way more flexible even from the start and also add customizable clothes, hair etc.


Sounds interesting

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I don’t know why i feel this story will have pretty sad tone. Nice so far

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The saves are broken.

And i get this error that makes the game unplayable.

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Looks like the error only showed up for certain paths so I missed it, but it’s fixed now and so are the saves, I also cleaned up/updated a few bits of text and art here and there :slight_smile: thanks for letting me know.

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Awesome WIP so far, with really nice writing! Looking forward to more updates.

I also wanted to ask, I really like the style of the art used in the WIP! Was there some sort of program that you used to get that style?

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Thank you so much! Glad to hear your thoughts. I updated the WIP just now with some more art, as for how I got the style, well, I used a combination of programs actually. I’m not a super talented artist so, my method to make art for it was in a bit of a roundabout way. Basically, if you don’t have a graphic tablet you can use Procreate Pocket to make a general outline of what you want and then borrow png images you can find online as elements to import in your drawing and then use them for reference (or use the smart cut option in photoshop mix and then you smooth it out). It depends on your goal, for finishing touches you can use picsart, AI Enhance online (if the final image is too pixelated) or an old app I had on ios called clip2comic. Not sure I explained it the best but as long as you have a vision for what you want to bring to life, being as creative as you can with it usually helps a lot.


Damn, I had completely forgotten this WIP. Neat.

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i cant access her picture :disappointed:

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ikkk, sorry for that, i’ll fix it soon and update the WIP with a drawing of her, promise🥹


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