Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



Huh? The link says old demo. Is there a new demo link?


Sadly no, not yet and I’m really sorry about that. But there will be one soon (or at least I hope so).


Would it be too much to ask for bit of lawbringer’s backstory?


Umm, are you talking about the weapon itself or are you talking about its original holder and creator?


Both would be nice, but the weapon itself sounds fascinating.


In the “human” form the mc will be all human or have animal traits?


Well…yeah both of possible, but more about weapon itself if possible


As the name suggests, you will be completely indistinguishable from a ordinary human while being in your “Human Form”. However, other Non-Humans or Humans with a strong attunement for the Supernatural will still be able to see through your disguise to a certain extent. They won’t be able to see your exact distinguish features, instead they see them more like a ghostly contour, which gives them only a basic idea for what your exact race might be.

To give you a idea for what I’m talking about, this is how other Non-Humans would see you while being in “Human Form”:



Ok then, lets go with both. However before I start its important to note, that I have reworked most of the concepts of the different ancestors. So please don’t be suprised if what I tell you now doesn’t match with the informations I gave you a few months ago.

But lets get to the informations.

Lawbringer appears as a black colored Revolver with silver platings, which are adored with elegant ornamentations. While its base model resembles a Colt Navy Revolver, it has a much more bulkier frame and lightly extended barrel, which both adds to his uniquness. Another unique characteristic of Lawbringer is its reloading mechanism. It possesses a top-break mechanism, which means that the barrel is hinged much like a door and that it can rotate perpendicularly to the bore axis to expose its cylinder. Also, another unique trait of Lawbringer is that its cylinder isn’t fixed in place like most other Revolvers. It can be removed and exchanged with another cylinder/magazine, which allows its user a more smooth change between amunition types.

The original holder and creator of this legendary Soul Weapon was a woman named Caitly Avens, a famous Gunslinger and Bounty Hunter. During her life she made a name for herself by capturing and killing (depending on the opponent) some of the most nefarious and infamous criminals (both human and non-human) within Europe, America and parts of Asia. However, one of her greatest acquisitions was the day as she put an end to the killing spree of one of the most dangerous killers in non-human history, Jack the Ripper.
Caitlyn was widely known for her excellent marksmanship. Only few could match her incredible aim and lightning fast reflexes. She was also quite famous for her unique fighting style, which involved the constant change between different destructive ammunition types by using Lawbringers unique reloading mechanism. For this, Caitly usually carried several cylinders loaded with different ammunition types (created with her own Soulenergy) with her, which she managed to swap in a matter of seconds thanks to her fast reflexes.
However, those who saw her in action often witnessed rather strange occurences. Many reported how Caitlyns opponents often seemed to move much slower than they usually would. Sometimes it even seemed like they would move in slow motion or would stop completely in the middle of the battle. Up to this day, there are those who wonder about these occurences or Caitlyns real powers and abilities. Some people even started to believe, that she might have made a deal with someone extremly powerful, to gain powers that lie far above the capabilities of a ordinary Soulmancer.

Lastly to finish things up, here is a picture to give you a idea for how for how both Caitlyn and Lawbringer would look like:


So both of the Soumancer’s possible weapon were previously wielded by women ? is it just a coincidence or are female soulmancer usualy stronger than male or transmit their power more easily ?


No. female Soulmancers aren’t stronger than male Soulmancer. They are more or less equal in terms of power. Though, there is actually one part that sets male and female Soulmancers apart. Female Soulmancers have it much easier to transmit their powers to their offspring, which is the reason why the child of two Soulmancers would almost always inherit the weapon type of their mother.
But back to the Topic. You see, there is a reason for why the Soulmancer Ancestors are all female, but that is sadly something that I cant tell you right now since it would spoiler a major revelation in a later part of the Story.


What of Grey Wolves?


Umm, could you be a little bit more specific?


Hey, got a question, what is the general lifespan of the playable races? I read somewhere in this thread that some of them live quite long. :thinking:


Similar info as to what we just got on the gunslinger.


Ah, I wondered when someone would ask that question.

Kitsune: 900-1200
Dragon: 2000-3000
Grey Wolf: 800-900
Raiju: 1000-1100
Soulmancer: ???

Soulmancer are a rather unique case. You see, their life span is connected to the state of their Soul. As long as a Soulmancer manages to keep their Soul healthy and in a good condition they are basically immortal.


sounds legit, but can the be killed?
e.g pierce their heart, cut of ther head?

would be difficult to pass on lichtblick (in my case)


Yep, they can still be killed like any other non-human being. Only because they are immortal doesn’t mean they are invincible.

Nah, don’t worry. As I said thats almost always the case. Of course there are exceptions.


Also could we like improve our soul weapons…like add a bayonett to it or extra barrel or something simmilar?


Umm ok, but I believe that there isn’t as much to say as about the Gunslinger. However, what I could give you, would be a little bit Intel about the ancestor of the Grey Wolf, if you might be interested in that?