Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



No, she didn’t became a lesbian after the death of the MCs father. She is simply bisexual.

Also, there aren’t only female romance options for your mother. The other two possible romance options are male.

Of course you can still have your relationship with Mia. She won’t break up with you only because her and your mother are together and even if they would marry she would still love you. Something like this wouldn’t change her feelings for you. Also, I don’t think that either Seraphina or your mother would try to separate you, since they know that you are happy together.


The last thing I would want is to get involved in the mom’s love life.


I love the idea of being able to help your mother find true love considering she helps you so much and not like another parent we know xcoughx Maria’ Father xcoughx


Who are the male choices? Is Edgar one of them (isn’t he a bit too old though)
How old is your mom by the way


No, Edgar isn’t One of the options. He is definetely way too old. To be honest, I’m still working on the male options.

Your mother is forty-four years old.


For everyone who is interested, here are a few informations about Emilia’s mother Seraphina.

Seraphina McAllister
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Species: Succubus
Affiliation: Hawkwood High (formerly)/D.S.R.
Occupation: School Nurse (formerly)/ Chief Doctor of the medical department
Height: 166 cm
Appearance: Sera is a stunning woman with a voluptuous figure, fair skin, hip-length dark brown hair and aqua colored eyes. Additionaly, she also wears red glasses and only one earring on her left ear.
Personality: Sera is a very gentle and kind women, who is known for her wise and caring Nature. She is generally very calm and collected in tense situations and is rarely rattled, No matter the circumstances. She is also very supportive and open minded towards the people she cares about, especially towards her daughter Emilia. She might be even a little over protective towards Emilia. From time to time she also tends to a little bit more flirtatious behaviour towards some of her friends, especially towards Lina (the mother of the MC), and sometimes she can even be quite jealous.
Sera and Lina are friends and know each for a suprisingly long time. What the exact relation between these two is is unknown, however it is save to say that she cares deeply for her since she often shows quite affectionated behaviour while being in her company. She also has a certain affection towards the MC.
Abilities: Despite being a Succubus, Sera usually refrains from using her pheromones to her advantage. She despises the act of feeding from the emotions of others without their consent, by taking advantage of the state caused by her pheromones. Luckily, during the years she actually found several ways to feed from the emotions of others without the use her pheromones or without exploiding their feelings. For example, she learned how to absorb the emotions from mundane things such as compliments or lewd gazes. Even though the emotions she gets through these unusuall means can’t be compared to the emotions she might get from kisses or sex, they are still sufficient enough to give her at least a moderate boost for both her natural powers and physical capabilities.
However, her greatest talent lies in her extraordinary magical abilities and her talent for both healing and recovery spells. Thanks to her high magical abilities, Sera is capable to cast numerous high rank healing spells without much effort, which allows her to tend and heal almost all wounds ans injuries, no matter how servere they might be. She can even cast about to three spells at once, which would boost her Healing powers even more. Besides that, Seraphina is also a licensed doctor and capable physician with a wide medical knowledge, which makes her more than capable of effectively tending to both wounds and injuries as well as various diseases without need to rely solely on her magical skills.

Lastly, here is a picture to give you a idea for how Seraphina would look like in my story:


Oh she seems pretty interesting. I like the gentle personality that turns sadistic with no mercy if someone attacks her, I would act the same way. I wonder if you’d be able to reach her power level though


Maybe if you train your powers extensive enough, you might be able to reach her level one day.

Also, you can actually learn some of Sera’s magical skills. Later in the game you can interact with Celica, Seraphina and your mother if you want to train your skills or to learn new ones.

Also, if you think that Sera is strong you should wait until you see your mother in action, especially when she’s pissed off. Believe me when I say, that almost every fight would turn into a extremly one sided one once she gets serious.


You said your mom has the same power level as Seraphina though.
Also who is stronger, Seraphina or Laurence in the Laura form with full power?


Oh sorry, my bad. I might have put it a little bit contradictory. Let me explain it again.

Normally Seraphina and Lina are quite equal in terms of power. Though, this changes once they get really, and I mean really, angry. As I already explained, Sera turns from kind and gentle to sadistic and merciless and becomes extremly dangerous.
However, Lina’s change of personality is still a little more extensive, which makes her much more dangerous and ultimately stronger than Sera.

Hmm, that isn’t easy to answer. In fact, they are both extremly strong in their specific fields. Sera for example is a skilled magic caster, while Laurence is more experienced in Close Ranged Combat. I think, if it would come to a fight, it would be quite challenging for both.


Oh, I like Seraphina!


If you romance Emilia can she become stronger due to the joy you feel for her if you tell her you don’t mind


Yes, that would work. If you romance Emilia she would become slowly stronger the more your relationship grows and develops. She would also become stronger through more intimate interactions, like a kiss or sex.


Is Lina your mom? Are the moms of all species equal in power?
By the way about the demon realm, how big is it compared to earth? Is it the size of a country or like a whole world? How populated is it as well?


Lina is the name of the mother of the Duelist MC. I simply picked her name so that I don’t always have to say “MCs mother” or “your mother”. It serves more or less as a little relief while explaining things that regard the MCs mother.

Yes they are.

The demon realm or Underworld is in terms of size more or less equal to Earth and is mostly inhabitated by demon-based species.

The demon realm may not have the same population as the earth, but its population still reaches the billion mark.


Are there any other realms like an angel one or something? And how can you go to the demon realm and back, is it through a portal?
Is the realm a cruel place by the way (like hell from the bible) where weaker demons are slaves or it’s more friendly


Thanks for replying so face if you romance her throughout the entire series can she become more powerfull than launch or laura


I would guess we could go there in Emilia storyline


There are actually several other realms within my game. One realm that is quite equal in size to the Underworld would be the celestial realm, which is inhabited by Angels and other celestial species. Other existing realms would be the Shadow Realm, the Abyss, the Realms of the various gods etc…

One way would be by using certain magical artifacts or high rank teleportation magic. However, the most common way would be using one of countless portals, which are scattered throughout the world. Almost every Realm has at least one of these portals, except the Abyss. Mana isn’t really fond of visitors, besides her siblings.

Nah, don’t worry. The Underworld is actually quite similar to earth, except that the sky is lightly purple and that a lot of the cities have a certain medieval flair.


Well, she will become stronger, but probably not as strong as Laurence/Laura.

Yep thats correct. Also, the main story would lead you as well, sooner or later, to the demon realm and some of the other realms.