Ultharian Felines (game suggestion)

Based of Lovecraft’s story Cats of Ulthar, you would play as a cat living in the town of the same name, either from the underground Cult of Menes, The Wilds, or a simple Housecat who becomes entangled in the politics of the various sects:

The Cult of Menes are magic-using cats that wish to become like man, with some wanting to coexist, usurp, or worship man.

The Wilds or Ferals, want to simply return to mindless beasts, and dislike the complexities of civilization, though some simply want to live as small tribes, or as pets. Those that are staunchly against the Menes Cult often dabble in magic themselves in an act many see as hypocritical.

And the Housecats, those that still live close to humans, but vary in ideals, with some wanting more from life, and others who are content, but wary of the Menes Cult and Ferals.


You have my attention.


I know right? :grinning: I’m so happy I could…



Count me in, I love playing as a non-human MC. Just a short question though will you be able to understand the Humans (as in language) and interact with them in some way or will you be scheming with your fellow cats?


Um… not to rain of everyone’s parade but CoG is making a game called choice of the cat … but umm they have different summary’s so I think u will be OK

I knew that, but still the mere concept of the player being a cat should not be a reason to not make that game. I mean you’re right, of course, if the games are too similar then it’s not going to work out, but like in your own case of Mages at sea, you can make the game with similarities and still not copying it. Sorry, didn’t meant to ramble :sweat_smile: (english spelling is so hard :disappointed_relieved:)


Hey no worries I was just bringing it too your attention and your English is great !!

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Yeah, and it was nice of you to do so :slight_smile: . Just wanted to voice my opinion, hopefully not too harsh :confused: Thank you :blush:

Nah you weren’t to harsh :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I don’t think the other game has magic or factions, so you should be good. :slightly_smiling_face: Besides, there’s no such thing as too many cats. :cat2: :yum:


Sounds like a fun story, especially with the Cult of Memes and magic cats.
Definitely not what I’d imagine to be based off a Lovecraft story but still seems neato.

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