Types of games that have been made

What games types of games have been made with this program?

Well interactive adventures are a type by themselves. You’re a general? Strategy. A detective? Mystery adventure. An adventurer? Fantasy rpg. You see where I’m going?

Do you mean genres of story or mechanics of games?

The genres of story are unlimited, mysteries, fantasy, historic epics, romances (I’ve not found any educational games yet but I’m looking into trying that out in the future)

Mechanics are more limited. Games are nearly always branching stories as that’s what the code is designed to do. I made a 2 player game at one point which messed with the usual format:

[Hide and Seek (updated 10/12) (WIP)](Hide and seek)

I’m sure there are more creative things that have been done with graphics and effects but after a while you just can’t bug check them and they certainly won’t be hosted on this site.

These games would lend themselves to education, could make for some interesting lessons.
Medical- patient with x/y/z symptoms, what tests do you want to run (have a time or budget limit). Using the info you have, what medication etc.
Or Agriculture/farming- how do you want to rotate your paddocks/crops. Time of year for planting, what soil testing etc…
Chemistry- mixing different compounds.
Maybe not the most exciting of topics always, but definitely could work.

Damn you stole my medic idea! I’ve been working on a game that explains the medical model and give people the chance to experience life as a junior doctor with acurate evidence based references through it.

Although I guess most people won’t find that very fun to write so I don’t need to worry about anyone completing it before me :slight_smile:

Aww it could be there is some interesting stuff out there that would appeal to everyone and be interesting to write as well. Was thinking it’d make a great study tool though. Would have loved sitting down to some choice games rather than wading though massive books with wall to wall text on most pages when studying for any subject. Depends on how accurate you want to make it as well will also affect it’s general playability for non-medical students :smile: ie: very close to facts on what happens IRL vs the TV show extravagansa version, (those things always make me facepalm, you just listen to the dialogue) “the patient’s not looking well, all I’ve done is check his pupils but give him 2cc’s of adrenaline straight into the heart stat! What do you mean we need to wait for the blood results? That could take an hour or more. I’m the doctor here, gimme the needle.” (Que patient recovery or lawsuit depending on the outcome).

Well I’m an ANP in acute surgery so it would probably be out of the depth of many people who haven’t got much in depth anatomy experience although I was considering making a difficulty setting for different levels of knowledge.

The idea is to present it like a test almost. Patient is presented, take a history, chose investigations, interprete results and chose treatment with a result at the end of what happened but setup in a story format


I’m all for a realistic game like that :smile:
I used to like the walk throughs where you’re walked through a senario with “what would you do next/what are the possible causes/etc” questions in there before going to the next section. I think they work well. Obviously it wasn’t as immersive as a COG so that would be even better. You could also set the difficulty by controlling how fast a patient deteriorates (ie more time to run more tests, less impact by treating the wrong differential first (unless it’s really wrong in real life causing major problems but administering that med). Maybe include some optional info people can read about the different differentials etc. Anyway, hope you write it, I think it’d be good.

Could go all sci-fi and inspire next-gen prosthesis by using practical medical knowledge?

Or the tales of a field medic in different era’s?

Even take the homeopathic approach in a fantasy realm using an entertaining back drop to teach true facts of natural methods.

Though I do like the idea of learning through choicescript it parts out information into edible portions rather than the monster that are our text books,

Onto the subject of the post.
I think he’s asking what subject have been touched upon thus far.
-kung fu
and many many more.
The possibilities are endless which is the brilliance of choicescript.

Are there many RPG open-world games? Ones that don’t have much of a story or at least not story driven.

Not really. ChoiceScript is hardly ideal for that kind of thing. The closest thing to an RPG open-world game I could think of is Zombie Exodus, and that still doesn’t resemble it all that much. Not that people haven’t tried, but those projects sooner or later simply bleed out because it takes too much time and effort.

what Cecilia said is correct, its so much more difficult to make an open world game. I have been trying for some time with my WIP, though I haven’t made much progress on it during the last 3 months (real life has become crazy with work, and some other collaboration projects such as starship adventures sucked up all the time I had, but I will continue working on it after february)


Basically, I will finish it though its crazy how much more work goes into it, and I would never attempt something like this ever again (far easier to do something more linear…). Essentially, the problem is that you spend much time with parts of the world that nobody might ever see… re-playability might be great, but from a HG point of view it seems like a poor investment of time…

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Why is it that hard to make a open world game? It seems to be working for me.

It’s not necessarily hard. It just takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you have places you can only go to after having visited some other places before, events that only happen in a certain order or certain items you need to get into some area you can only find in some other area, for which you need certain skills you can only learn in yet another area, then things get very complicated very quickly.

It works, no problem with it, just what Cecilia said, very time consuming! Effort/reward is out of proportion to a more linear game…

The hardest thing about an open (or actually, semi-open) sequence of events or locations was balancing the stats, for me.

If you can hit nine events in any order, and plan to continually add or subtract from stats during these events, you then also have to code so that the stat requirements are different depending on how many events the player has already experienced. Otherwise, the stats will be far too low for the first few events, and far too high for the last. Not to mention results of any event that would then pour over into the other events. Or you might have to take into account characters you could potentially meet or see in more than one location, in more than one order, and those characters’ reactions to what you’ve previously done.

So my hat’s off to you if you manage it. I mostly managed to code myself into knots trying to make sure everything was balanced and logical, and then spent hours unsnarling them.

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