Choice to be outside or this choice adventure game format

What I’m asking is can you use the choice game engine? To make a semi-open world possibly a social history Sim maybe your game about the Florence Guild system and all its complexity, or how about a possible war game?

Do you think the choice Crypt can be used for such such games?

something like divided we fall ?
if you want to publish it individually I think as long as you DO NOT commercially publish it its fine but ask cog directly if you want to do something else as " official " permission
if you want to publish it by cog then a war game has my support :grin:

You can. The real question is whether you should (or want to)!
Something I’ve learnt the hard way over the years is that trying to make x in y, just because you’re familiar with y, is very often more hassle than learning a brand new (but better suited) thing (z) to make x.

That said, if you’re happy and having fun, what else matters? War game away! :slight_smile:



War Game.

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I’ve played around with enough old are rpg and she was doing adventure games. That was doing the late seventies and eighties era where they were going for " simulation" arguing to the point of fetishization but what you give is a hell of a load of chart for different environments and different counters for different settings. Combine that with a questing element and you can actually make a pretty open world game.

I would think that this would be possible and really cool. But yes the language is quite limited so alternative languages might be better suited as well!

Something I have in mind is A Dark Room, if you have seen it before. It’s a great game, and minus the last part w/ the space adventuring and all, I think you can recreate the game with choicescript


I’m thinking of making an unfolding game the show up progression of an individual’s life and the social economic power along with maybe political.

Sounds too complex… But good luck anyhow.