Type in your name?

I was playing Psy High and they ask you what you want your name to be and you can type it in. I want to know how you can do that in my own game and how I can bring it back up. What codes are there to do that?

Nevermind it’s imput_text

You just need to set the variable you want it to be at the beginning of the startup.txt… For example name using the command

*create name “name”

After that you simply add

*input_text name

That will change the value of name to whatever they type in. You can also add

*set name $!{name}

underneath the input text command to change whatever they type in to become a capitalized version of it’s self. So if they type mike it will become Mike. It makes the stats screen look neater. This is a fairly basic command though. I would recommend you take a look at the choicescript wiki to become familiar with the various commands before you get started.