Player's own name

How can I make a code that enables the player to enter his / her own name or whatever he / she wants the character to be called?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

In startup when you make all the variables, *create name โ€œexampleโ€
Then to let a player enter their name, put *input_text name
And then, whenever you want the name to be in the text, write $!{name}

@Ztash I suggest you check out this page:

the section specifically on naming is about a third of the way down.

*input_text name

Then when you want to input that name into the paragraph, do what AlexClifford said and put squiggly brackets around the variable

*create name "" (put this in startup)

(Put this anywhere)

*label namechoice
What is your name?
*input_text name
Are you sure?
  *goto namechoice

Your name is ${name}? Great. 

Thanks for the help, now it works :slight_smile: