Naming your character

I’ve posted this on my thread at but I’m still having issues setting it up so that the player can name their character. What I’m trying to do is using the *input_text script to let the player choose their own name, but I keep getting errors regardless of how I type it out. I’ve been backwards and forwards through the wiki, and I’ve even basically copied their examples and substituting my stuff, but nothing I try works.

All of my work that I’ve wrote out to date is upload to dropbox:

You have the script right:
*input_text name

That’s it. Although you have remembered to declare the variable ‘name’ in mygame.js, haven’t you? :slight_smile:


I don’t have problem with that command if you still having problems pm I can help you

I just looked through your files. In ‘Chapter1’, you have the variables ‘firstname’ and ‘surname’ and you declare them right. However, you then have the lines:
*set firstname “{firstname}" \*set surname "{surname}”
You don’t need these as when the player types their name, that sets the variables correctly.

As I have the game right now, after the player type is their last name and click “next”, the following error appears: line 18: Invalid expression at char 17, expected no more tokens, found: OPERATOR [&

Delete the lines:
*set firstname “{firstname}" \*set surname "{surname}”

The line *set fullname “{firstname} {surname}” is also wrong. I would just use the two variables you have created to display the full name. Eg:

Your name is {firstname} {surname}.

If you really want a separate variable for it combining the two variables you have created, you will have to ask around the forum for someone who knows how to do it.

Ok, I changed the line: *set fullname firstname &" " &surname to *set fullname “{firstname} {surname}” but now the name in the stat screen stays blank.

Eureka! Never mind, I fixed it and now it’s working properly. Per usually with me, it was actually fairly simple and straight forward.

*set firstname “John”
*set lastname “Doe”
*set fullname (firstname&" ")&surname

${fullname} -> John Doe

From the Wiki: