Tutorials up-to-date?

I am a long-time lurker of the forum who is interested at trying ChoiceScript. I have downloaded ChoiceScript and am looking for:
-An up-to-date tutorial (some tutorials in the forum I have come across are years old and I am unsure of their relevance)
-Are people using Notepad++ to write their games on or another medium?



Well, those “years old” tutorials cover pretty much all important points of CScript.
In fact, the only things you’re missing from those old tutors are the “multireplace” @{} command and alternative of *page_break *line_break, the [n/]

And yep, we use Notepad++, while I know some folks prefer Chronicler or CSide. Oftentimes both.

Btw, have you visited the master-list links thread?


I use notepad++ and CSIDE both because both of them have their strengths


I’m relieved to hear that the tutorials cover most of choicescript!

I haven’t visited the master-list links thread. I assume it will be relevant to my query, no? I will check it out and hopefully it will answer all of my questions.

I appreciate the prompt response :slight_smile:

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Well, in that case, here is the link.

In fact, it contains all of the tutorials I mentioned as well as the tools we mostly use :ok_hand:

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@szaal you ninja-ed me by split second as I was going to post the link too .

Man you are super fast.


So far I am in the CSide camp. Chronicler looks good but I had a bit of a harder time wrapping my brain around the interface. CSide having the ability to instantly run a test has been invaluable. I just wish I could figure out how to do the tests on specific chapters instead of from the start.


Doing them from start helps to test every path and every choice so it kind of helps that they start from the beginning

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Notepad++ is Windows-only; I’ve been using Atom and it’s working great for me – I like have multiple scenes open at once in tabs, and it does a nice job of guessing when you start to type a variable name. I haven’t tried CSIDE or Chronicler; I wanted to learn to use a program I could maybe practice other coding languages on in the future.
There’s a page on the wiki that lists a few more options, and links to install syntax highlighters for each of them: Development Tools | ChoiceScript Wiki | Fandom

Multireplace is awsome, but what’s this alternative page break you speak of?

@Szaal just to prevent any misconceptions here [n/] is used to denote a line break within a string, stored within a variable. It has no bearing on *page_break, and is more akin to *line_break (I assume this was a mistake).


*temp mystr ""
*set mystr "Line one[n/]Line Two"

Will print:

Line one
Line Two

If you want to test a specific scene, just add a *goto_scene xyz line at the start of your game (after necessary *create commands etc.).


Ah, right. I confounded *page_break and *line_break

I guess, that’s what you get when you never use the *line_break :expressionless:

@CJW I understand what you mean (and no one is more surprised than me about that). Whenever working on a scene, slap that into the startup at the beginning as a temporary redirect, then delete it or change it to the next scene under the knife. Thanks!

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I just wish cside would have some kind of function that would go through every possible choice rapid fire and then alert the user if they find any errors in the code.

I love cside regardless tho :heart:

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Pretty sure that’s what Quicktest is for? :confused:

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Ooooo sorry! Didn’t realize that was a feature. My prayers have been answered. :sob: