Turning game into app

Is it possible to take my txt file from choice script and turn it to and apk (app file) for android so I can have friends beta test my game as an app? I have no intention of officially releasing my game I would just like to know if I can make it an app for fun. If so how should I go about?

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What’s the advantage to sending them an apk versus sending them a link to a game hosted on one of dashingdon’s sites?


You’d have to compile the game to html, then use any of the many solutions to turn html into apk. You can look it up with a search engine.

However, you’d have to repeat this every time you implement a change, send your friends the new version and your friends would have to reinstall the apk. It’s more trouble than it’s worth in my opinion.

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I’m just trying to practice and expand my programming skills

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