Turncoat Chronicle—Who will you betray to claim the throne?

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As the eldest child of the Usurper King, you were always meant to inherit your father’s stolen throne. When the lost heir of the dynasty he ended resurfaces, bent on revenge, you face a difficult choice. Your father’s enemies don’t have to be your own. 

Without allies, the Kidia heir has no hope of taking the throne back, but you could offer them that hope. By allying with his enemy against your father, you could expedite your inheritance and end a dynastic feud, all at once. Always assuming that the vengeful heir is willing to share royal power with you. 

Turncoat Chronicle is a 180,000-word interactive novel by Hazel Gold. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as male, female, nonbinary, or genderfluid; gay, straight, bi, asexual, or aromantic. 
  • Befriend your family’s oldest enemy and end a dynastic grudge. 
  • Or, use your wiles to get close to your enemy and secretly plot against them. 
  • Rely on your court connections and diplomatic skills to earn your enemy’s trust. 
  • Recruit a trustworthy ally to act as a royal doppelganger. 
  • Guide your chosen consort as they acclimate to the demands of court life. 
  • Aim for the crown, or pull the strings in secret, behind the scenes. 
  • Plot your father’s downfall by blade or poison. 
  • Or, remain loyal to your father and strive to earn his approval. 
  • Take a chance and trust the one who could betray you, and perhaps even fall in love. 

Either way, your decisions will go down in history! 

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Hazel developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.


Massive congratulations @Hazel! I’ve been looking forward to this one for a long time :sparkles:


Congratulations, @Hazel ! Your hard work has paid off, and this is your time to shine.


The character makes all the decisions in the narration,

And then you make a “choice” that might as well have just been the “next” button

It feels like the MC drives the whole plot without player interference.


Just finished my first route and I gotta say that I was surprised at how few chapters there were but they were all full of some great content. Loved this story when it was. WIP and I’m super happy to see it finished.

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What was your ending?

The Union of Equals where you ally Kiddia and pursue a real relationship with them. Imprisoned Orust and had high rep with basically everyone else in the story. Crow was obviously still on the fence lol.

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Finally. Congratulations @Hazel

Congratulations @Hazel! Looking forward to playing it!


I cant seem to unlock the option “It’s not a seduction. I think I might have feelings for him” when trying to romance Morun and I really want to before continuing, so if anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it. Is it tied to a stat or a certain previous choice?


Congrats @Hazel – I have been waiting for this since the very first demo was put up!

. :revolving_hearts:


This is a really great premise. I’m looking forward to playing this one.

How do I select the “it’s not a seduction, I think I might have feelings for her” option with tamirah? Its greyed out, but im not sure why as I’ve flirted at every opportunity I can think of and have a high trust stat.

I’ve had the same problem but with Tamirah, cant seem to find out what determines whether you can choose it or not.


Who are all the RO options? There didn’t seem to be anyone but the heir or the replacement, but maybe I just didnt explore well enough?


Congratulations on the release! I have been looking forward to playing the game ever since I first played the demo! <3

I played the Lux’s route successfully (I believe) and the Fool’s Gold achievement was not unlocked. Is there any other things I need to do/achieve first?

Just finished my first playthrough, and I enjoyed it! It’s a fantasy setting that could have been tailor-made to a particular selection of my tastes, and in my playthrough there was a lot of interesting potential mismatches of emotional attachment and manipulation, which I like in marriage-politicking type situations.

The MC is not a blank slate, and has some motives that feel fairly constant (though I did have opportunities to consider how the MC felt about their father and different ways of dealing with them once plans had come to fruition), but I’m happy playing that kind of IF if the writing style suits me. I’m interested to play again, because I focused quite heavily on certain characters which meant I didn’t really spend time with others (notably Lux and my Spymaster) and they faded out; I imagine it would be fun to focus more attention on them and get to know them better.

The descriptions of place, clothing, food and drink, and art were evocative and lovely. I’d be delighted to read a novel or story in the setting, or play another game dealing with different characters.

Also, I managed to get a very decent and pretty happy ending! Would traitor again.


I’ve done about 2 playthrough now one Alme where I killed the King and became corulers and one Tamirah where I killed Alme and let the King live. I enjoyed them both and would definitely recommend it, but I just wish there was some more personalization as you can direct the protagonist in the direction you want him to go, but you cant really decide how he goes about it or what he says for the most part.

In addition I wish there was some more unique interactions with the various romance options as Tamirah and Alme basically just had some reused romance scenes with some edited dialogue for them atleast from what I saw during my playthroughs. There was also a scene with Alme I found a little bizarre unless I just misunderstood it as after marrying her and spending the night with her your character seems to suggest bringing a valet into the bed (again unless I totally read this wrong or misunderstood it) which I found came totally out of left field for my character to suggest especially as they had never slept around before.


haven’t betrayed anyone yet…the dang thing had an error where there was no options available to choose from. it was when i was selecting the first bodyguard/pretender-to-train…any fixes please?

Hi so i just figured out the little romance issue, one of the times you take tamirah around the palace, i believe the second time, you have a conversation with her. This conversation will give you the option to say something like “now there will be rumors about us” to which she replies “oh, i hadnt thought of that, does it bother you?” It will then give you the option to tell her you like her. I also spoke with Harim frequently and a month before solstice you can meet with her and tell her your falling in love, so talking with her seems important too.


I had found that out on my own luckily and i’m pretty sure it was the “now there will be rumors about us” choice because I dont believe I interacted with harrim that much.