Trouble with choicescript files

Hello! I’m Rebelgirl, you may know me from the game I’m writing, Supernatural in New York.

So far I’ve only wrote the story and @Roxy coded it, but now, as we’re both busy with school, I decided to help coding too, so I told her to sent me the files of the game. I saved the files in mygame (I already had some files for another game in mygame so I moved them) but when I tried the index, the game wouldn’t run and it game me this error
file error

I copied the code from the files she sent me and pasted them into new text files on mygame, but when I tried to save them, it told me they were in Unicode I think (I work I ANSI) so I converted them, but still index refuses to work.

Now I moved the files from mygame and brought back the initial files for the other game, and index doesn’t work for them either. I’d like to work on Supernatural in New York, but I don’t know how to make the files work. I’m still new to choicescript.

I hope someone can help and explain this to me.

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IIRC choicescript files should always be saved in utf-8, but I don’t think that’s the problem here.

Just double check your path. Are you opening this from your history or are you double clicking the index.HTML file? If you haven’t already, try the latter.

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Hmm… the file path… :eyeglasses:
I see /mygame/mygame/index.html.

I believe the problem is caused by how you copy those files. :thinking:

Well… let me tell you how to keep your “other game” intact while being able to work on “other game2” (which in this case, @Roxy’s version of Supernatural in New York)

I’ll assume that you know stuff like address bar, file path, directory, etc. so let’s skip that.

First, you have to know that we’ll work with all .txt files on the filepath .../web/mygame/scenes/
For now, ignore other directory and let’s focus on :point_up_2:t4: that directory.

Okay? Let’s begin with some exposition and bulshittery.
Your gamecodes are saved on .../web/mygame/scenes/ in the form of scenes.txt (or whatever the files’ name is). Thus, if you want to move around your gamecodes, you just need to make the backup of all these .txts into a dedicated “backup folder” (with obviously on its own dedicated directory).

Now, if you want to see @Roxy’s version of the game, simply copy her scenes.txt and let it overwrite your backup-ed gamecode on .../web/mygame/scenes/.
To test the game, execute the index.html you can find on the parent directory (.../web/mygame/).


Your files should be in mygame/scenes
Not mygame

Create an empty folder called scenes in mygame and move the text files there.

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like @szaal said the problem is that the .txt files should be in web/mygame/scenes

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Thank you all for the help! :blush:

@Szaal I did as you said and it works now, thank you!


Oooh… I’m glad that helps you.
Teaching ppl about techy stuff is the hardest thing to do, 'ya know (along with learning how to code) :"