Trinity WIP (there's something on post 467)

I am soooo in love with the story :cry::heart::heart:,u are amazing! The choices and the ROs! ahhh Milo, stupid and cute yandere, I love him and the king! Well…everyone :see_no_evil::joy::heart:, wish u the best!

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I not sure whether you mean the battle we already had or another battle? Like can we already nail this battle to become a knight or is this a future thing?

Bet her expression was funny as hell.

How many ROs you planning to have if you dont mind me asking?


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I think with Horace it’s everyone who’s on the relationship tab:
The crew
Ajat Pilot

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Did someone say Azur Lane?

If so, hey fellow shikikan

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Another thing, I see you have updated it. Actually I’m on the way on reading it but currently a lot of things are taking my time now. I’m sorry for any lack of feedback regarding the new update. I’ll read it as soon and as thoroughly as I can so as everything will be OK.

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Tnx. No need to rush though, your own life comes first. Take your time and take care.


Just dropping in to say that I really enjoyed the game. I feel like I’m back to those animes that I have conflicting feelings of love and hate. I don’t have anything to point out because I was too immersed with the story. Keep it up!


Tnx. I was actually worried that people will hate it because it was influenced by anime a lot. Glad it didn’t… I think.

Also I should be able to implement the routes for the trinity today or tomorrow if everything goes well. Hooray :tada: . Its only two scene though, but there will be more to come on the following chapters. Tnx for your patience guys.


Well good news turns out I don’t have any classes today and was able to finish the changes earlier than expected. The route for the trinity are implemented now. It’s only two scenes though.

Bad news , I have a really hard time writing Bahamut’s scene, I appologise if her scenes feels unoriginal all the ideas that came to mind are already used, but I promise I will make it up to you guys on the following chapters. It looks like writing about a tsundere is challenging than I expected. Go me, you can do it. Lol.

Also shout out to @Bahamuht cause I kinda use some of his suggestion, I hope you don’t mind.

As usual reports regarding typos, bugs, and anything that doesn’t feel right is highly appreciated. Tnx guys.


The thanatos route crashes for both scenes

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that happens on Bahamut route as well

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@The_Senate fixed. Forgot to update startup lol

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I am happy for you

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Some stuff

Your eyes scans the room, and then you found Bahamut near the window staring outside
—> it think it should be $!{trinityname}

#sigh Gesture to her to follow you the kitchen to help the others.
“Oh come on don’t I get atleast a thank you.” She said as she follow you to the kitchen.
*set stoic -5 —> shouldn’t it be +5?
*goto firstblood

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Fixed. Also

This part is only a scene with bahamut so it’s not an error, but I found another error when I checked it so you didn’t report it in vain. Tnx a lot.

Tnx. But the hard part is yet to come. Lol


Hey no problem glad I could help, whether small or big I’ll take any update. Looking forward to meeting with Pamela face to face eventually.
Can we atleast try to block/catch Bahamuht’s hand when she tries to slap us?

There aren’t many ways that tsundere’s have been written, so don’t worry you can work on it as it goes.
One way I haven’t seen them be dealt with, is with an assertive Mc though.

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@keyport seems that the save system broke getting Error: Bad slot - has smPlugin been included

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Fixed. I forgot to add the “*” on the code sry about that, I was too excited starting chapter4. Lol. Tnx a lot.


it ok we all forget small thing like that