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Hello there everybody!

I’m currently translating few chapters of @jeantown 's Guenevere for my thesis, English to Italian.
Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to share a fan-translation, since the game itself is still a work in progress and it’s available for free :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m here today because I’m having some translating issues.
So far I couldn’t find a reason why the buttons change after translating them (see pics below). Of course that’s not a big problem, just a pet peeve of mine, but if someone knows how to fix it it would be a plus to my presentation!
Also, is there any chance I could change that “by” before the author’s name? I need it to become “di”, and eventually add another line to put my name as translator. I didn’t find it in any of the Javascript files (i’ve used “search” mode)…maybe somehow i’ve missed it?
Last, but not least, I can’t find this red “cancel” button to translate (see pic below). Actually, i’ve managed to find only the line of text, but green “Ok” button can stay. Is there someone who can help me, please?

Thanks for reading!

Buttons difference:

Red button:


If you’re translating by modifying the .html file, it may cause issues with the end result – such as the changing of the “Next” button – if you’re not proficient with HTML (which I admit, I’m not). I’d recommend contacting @jeantown and ask for the original .txt files and translate them instead.

As for the “by <<Author>>”, it’ll require a bit of CS modification. But this will require you to compile the .txt files yourself, which bring us back to the previous point on contacting Jean.

Anyway, this is what you will need to do

Find ui.js file in the choicescript folder (directory: …/web/). Open it with a text editor.

Find for “authorTag.appendChild” command in the file (can be done with Ctrl + F). This should give you the result:

authorTag.appendChild(document.createTextNode("by " + author));

Edit the “by” with “di”
Save the change.

To sum it up, translating the story itself is best done by translating the original .txt files.
To translate the UI element (restart button, settings button, etc.), it’s best done by translating relevant CS’s javascript files.


Hi everyone! Just some clarification: @Missi-trissi does already have all of the Guenevere Book I game files, and has already translated the scene .txt files, with my enthusiastic support. She’s just looking to polish the presentation at this point.

It may or may not help to know that I’m using a very old version of ChoiceScript (from maybe 2014-2015?). I don’t want to update it because I don’t want to give up that clunky old game save feature, which a lot of my readers seem to like because they can save an infinite number of different Guens.

Anyway, thank you to @Szaal and anyone else who can help! I’m not familiar enough with the program files to be able to find all of the tiny things like where the “by” and the “cancel” appear.


thanks @Szaal for the prompt reply!
As Jean has already said, I’ve already got all the .txt and Javascript that I need! She’s been super kind, providing me with everything from the start :slight_smile:
Thanks again btw, I’ve finally found this “by”!! Only one more to go.

As for the big button, I’ve simply overwritten “Book I: Long Live the Queen” with the Italian translation…if I’ve messed up something, I have no idea how (coding is a whole new world to me!).

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Ah. Well, that makes things super easy, then.

To retain the original button style, you can translate the text “Book I” from the original .txt file. If you edit the related chapter with text editor, search: *page_break Book I:. Translate the text after the *page_break command. Might want to do it for all the *page_break on all .txt files, or just suit your presentation needs.

As for the alertify element button (The Cancel/OK button(I might butchered the term, here)), I don’t know what can be done to change that. Feels like it has something with the default system language or something. I personally don’t mind it since Cancel/OK is a pretty common pairing in UI design.

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@Missi-trissi, did all of the “Next” buttons change appearance, or just that first one?

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I did exactly what you’ve suggested from the beginning but the buttons don’t stay the same :frowning:
I had to save all the .txt files in UTF-8 (otherwise characters with accents wouldn’t be displayed)…could that be the reason?

Yes, UTF-8 is pretty much the standard encoding, here.
As for the button, have you tried to compile the game yourself and play it?

@jeantown since i’ve kept an original copy of the entire folder (as you know), I’ve overwritten the UI javascript and started translating all the buttons again.
It worked! I must have messed up something the first time.

Thanks for your time @Szaal, let’s hope someone will come up with a solution for the alert button!

In case the “Cancel” button issue is not yet resolved:

If you’re not working with an html file, then you can find this line of code in a file called “alertify.min.js”. Look for


Vielen Dank @Sylveranty !!!

I’m all set now, you guys are great! :smiley:
I’ll come back in the future if I were to run into other technical issues. Looking forward to sharing at least Book I in Italian…but first, it’s time to major in translation! :slight_smile: