Translate UI's buttons

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a game called Madrid Zombie which will be entirely in Spanish. Now, I would like to translate the text of all buttons, but I’m not quite sure how to do it.

I know that if a type “*page_break Siguiente” the text will change from “Next” to “Siguiente” (next in Spanish) when displayed. However, when I include a “*choice” line in the code, the button will always read “Next”. Is there a way to rename all buttons permanently (including show stats and restart)? I did look through the forums but I couldn’t find a post on this subject.

Thank you!


I can tell you where to change the text in the interpreter files, but you’ll probably want to check with COG first, as to whether or not they’d prefer to do that themselves before packaging it.

i really don`t think you can do that other than by changing stuff in the index.html but if you do change stuff in there, then the game will not be allowed to be published, unless ofcourse if you @Jasonstevenhill

anyways good to see a game in a seperate language, can possibly get tons of non-English fans

(edit) nvm yeah, everything that @CJW said

Thank you CJW and Prototype for your swift replies!

Is not really that important right now, since I have plenty of writing and coding ahead of me before I get to worry about details, such as the name of those buttons. But since I did try to change them today, I thought that perhaps it would be an easy thing to do… I can only see now how wrong I was hehe

Yup, it’d be interesting to see what happens when you put a Choicescript game in the Spanish market. I’m really excited :slight_smile: