Changing the text of the Show Stats Button

Same problem. Changed the “Show Stats” text within the button tags and it doesn’t change the text on the button when the index file is loaded in firefox.

I definitely don’t suggest doing this, at least until someone more experienced comes along.

Firstly, it’s strongly suggested that you just leave the show stats button saying ‘show stats’.

I found that changing the text of show stats in the ui.js file to something else, changed the text in the game in Firefox.

It didn’t make any changes for the browsers who aren’t using javascript though, and thus can’t actually run the games.

You probably shouldn’t do this since I’ve no clue what I’m doing.


To be honest this is rether disappointing as that slightly breaks the illusion of the story.

@LordIrish If you’re not planning to get it published any time soon you can just change it. I know Choice of Games did remove the show stats button for Creatures Such As We, so perhaps they’d let you have a renamed button? You can always ask.

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I thought about just removing the button in the mean time and adding in a choice to open it every time there are choices for now. :smile: