Tower Behind the Moon — Seize godhood with world-shattering magic!

I couldn’t romance anyone in my first playthrough, maybe I was too focused on the ascension? :thinking:

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From the demo you could romance the apprentice by locking away the golem for her… that will lower the castellan relationship i think, hence you could only romance one :slight_smile:

I actually did do that, I still couldn’t romance them or anyone. Time to do a replay

If i am not mistaken hold the hand of castellan to romance him/her, while hold the waist of the apprentice to romance him/her :slight_smile:

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I did do that to the apprentice, but nothing happened. They just suggested to… work? "We got a lot of work to do? I even gave them their favorite food, I think

Once you lock the golem away, relationship should rise to 70 + , but in the beginning i pick all the choice with apprentice if i want to romance her… hold her waist will earn you an achievement telling you, you had romance her :slight_smile:

The funny thing is… No achievement popped up, the highest relationship stat I could get from the apprentice was 67

Well… if you still can’t romance her, i replay for you later on :slight_smile:

Is there another way for me to not become a Dark god/Archdemon? Like some other type of god?

Try being compassionate, and not making deals with demonesses.

As for the apprentice, she also likes big, long, hard towers. A well-developed tower is key to romancing her.


Ah, I see. Very subtle, very subtle.

Can you become immortal as well as romance people at the same time???

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greater power (heavy) or speed (light)

The romances cut off if you ascend, except for the angel.


But there is a catch…Let me guess… you have to serve under the dragon king just like the angel.

She isn’t staying with me even though I severed her bonds to him, real love there. :expressionless:

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All I want now is the key to the angel’s heart :sob::sob::sob:
Also I could never get the reject ascension for love achievement.
Loved the game :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Well now this is how you wrap up a year the right way :slight_smile: . This game was perfect, loved everything about it and I have no complaints or observations at all. But, I have to ask, will there be a sequel? I became a dark god on my play through and began plotting against the Dragon King and now I’ve a mad urge to overthrow him and seize the Throne of Thrones. So please, tell me there’s going to be a sequel! Great work!

If you’re plotting to seize the Throne, you’re doing it wrong. Just seize it in game!