Top Five Underrated HGs — 2022

I apologize if I came across as skeptical or critical - I obviously don’t doubt you know what you’re talking about. It’s just interesting to see how it plays out in cold hard facts. :slight_smile:

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Lot of good stories here. My first vote had to go to Kepler Colony. It’s a very interesting and more realistic look at the most likely response to Armageddon. Probably held back by the fact that it’s more heavy on the game than story unlike most of this sites work.

My other 2 votes were mostly a toss up. I ended up choosing the ones with fewer votes just to be different.


I still remember Harbringer’s Head as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and was moved by the ending.


It’s fascinating to see this, we haven’t had an updated list made public in a couple of years. And incredible to think about how Wayhaven Dos is #5 despite being the most recent release on the list (and in most cases, these stories have a head start measured in years rather than months). I wonder which one will push Mobster out of the top 20; I’m surprised Hyuga 4 hasn’t gotten there yet, but presumably it will ere long. Is The Great Tournament anywhere near that line?

Also, good on War for the West, cracking the top 10 in just over two years for a label that’s been around more than a decade.


And don’t forget: Aether is a free game.


And 60,000 words!

Could that formula ever be repeated, or was it due to tons of people coming across it on Google Play? (or something else? just the premise? I don’t mean to minimize the author’s work in any way, it’s just that 60k words being the 11th ranked moneymaker is…wow.)


I think it may be tapping into an underserved genre. What better power fantasy than being a literal god?


Doesn’t the full version cost $2.99, though?


It’s true what a fandom talks about online isn’t necessarily representative of the overall playerbase (and usually isn’t), but to be fair the HGs I see talked about the most are still on that list. Either way it’s really interesting to see what the top grossing games are, I wonder what the top 20 is when you combine both COG & HG, or if all the series on the list had single entries like Zombie Exodus does (but then I guess longer series would have the advantage).

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The thing that really surprised me was that Sabres of Infinity wasn’t on there - some of the most active threads on this forum are about that series and the fandom is passionate.


Passionate but small, especially compared to the Wayhaven behemoth. :slight_smile:


I am still feel weird seeing mage’s adventure at the top I just hope it doesn’t end up like its predecessor that left all fans for a cliffhanger but beside that I love elemental saga I just wish it ended properly or got a sequel


It isn’t there because it is gender locked. Gender locked games don’t do as well as the games where you can choose your gender.
If Wayhaven was gender locked like it originally was planned, it wouldn’t be there too.


I thought balance of superpower was also gender locked wait not gender locked but out of gender locked?

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Several games are. Most are not big sellers.


The first one is (which is mostly why it’s on this list :sweat_smile:), but the second one will have an option to create your own character and choose their gender! :sunglasses:

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Wow, that’s amazing! Thanks to everyone who voted for The Butler Did It. I had no idea this poll was even a thing, just saw the email about the sale.