Top Five Underrated HG Games — 2022

The most underrated HG of all time is Highlands, Deep Waters by @MahatmaDagon. Such an effective and lovingly crafted tale of cosmic horror with great customization, investigation, tension, characters and endings. It is a classic IF book to me.


I’ve bought that game for multiple Lovecraft aficionados through the years, and they have all loved it. It’s absolutely one of the best HG and certainly in the top echelon of Choicescript horror games.


My issue with this game is that I can’t understand the text… :face_with_peeking_eye::flushed: If I can remember it correctly.

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The text?

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I mean how it’s the game written. I remember playing the game and I couldn’t understand what some characters said or some sentences.

Maybe I’m wrong cause I haven’t played the game in the last few years.

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Are you referring to the way some characters are written to have thick accents if you choose to be a foreigner? Because that’s intentional. And hilarious.


… I think I’m going to play it again.


There’s this scene that still makes me laugh aloud whenever I read it. You can flat out tell an old cat lady that lives near the Lone Manse:

“I can’t understand a fucking thing you’re saying.”

Shs then proceeds to go on an unintelligible diatribe and slams her door in your face.

The game has plenty of surprising moments.


That’s literally just me. :laughing:

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Haha, it’ll happen. It’s meant to throw you off at times and add to the uneasy atmosphere, as well as simulate being in a foreign land.

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I agree it’s an underrated game for sure, but I’m assuming still did at least moderately well or it’d be on this list :slight_smile: (Sometimes what does well on the stores doesn’t always mirror what is discussed a lot on the forums.)

True, but it still wasn’t successful enough, in my opinion. It should be a movie.

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It was a bit too silly for my liking, leaning into every low hanging gaga and fourth walls what are those?

just like… my opinions :eyes:

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Oh I totally get it! Sense of humour is pretty personal.
Like, for me, A Sensei’s Story is just my style, couldn’t stop laughing! hahaha

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Release :clap: A :clap: Sensei’s :clap: Story :clap: on :clap: Steam! :clap:

…please :blush:


Oh yeeees, please!!! :pleading_face:

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