[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor


Hey Ben!

Everything has been going great so far. I’m really excited with the progress I’ve made. I was wondering if you knew if chronicler files can be uploaded to Dashindon so I can share my work in progress or if it needs to be converted. Just about done with the first chapter and I’m really excited:)


The .chronx file can only be used by Chronicler, but all your .txt ChoiceScript code files are stored in the “scenes” folder in the same directory as your .chronx project file.


Thank you Ben, that answered my question. I attempted to run my game from the index file in that folder and it worked correctly. I was a bit scared cause my code in that file looked really chaotic when compared to how organized my .chronx file is. The game works and that’s all that really matters. Thank you! I wouldn’t mind sharing my game with you if you’re curious what I’ve been up too. I’m trying to push the program and everything I can do with it to the limits. I’m not sure if I’m making something needlessly complicated but the file sure looks cool so far.


Cool. I’d be happy to test it out. Seeing how my users actually use Chronicler will help me release better updates in the future.

I’m actually working on adding spell checking to Chronicler at the moment, which I think will be a big help.


A spellchecker? Did Christmas come early again? Currently small typos are the bane of my existence! Thankfully, I have an English teacher as my fiance who agreed to proof read my work. I’d love to show you how I’m using it. I can send you the .chronx file through email along with the stat chart. Someone else asked for an example of this type of work and I think I gave em more than they were expecting. I’ve been hitting the program pretty hard. I really love it.

I’m really happy that the index file works properly and all of my chronicler work transfers over easily. I was scared I was going to have to do a big conversion process but it works flawlessly. You did a great job at having the program generate automatic label numbers if I didn’t supply one.


Just released version

Not anything majorly visible other than a fix to an annoyance and a squashed bug which can be seen in the changelog.
You might notice that the homepage is much more appealing than before and includes various links that now open in your default browser rather than in Chronicler’s one.

I did however do a complete rewrite of the updater to make it much more robust. Through the magic of JSON, updates can now include files other than just the Chronicler executable. This will come in handy when I need to include translation files or the dictionary for the spell checker. I can also release updates for one platform sooner than another. For example, I occasionally encounter issues with the linux build that can take quite a bit of time to fix. Now Windows users don’t have to wait to receive the update!

As an aside, I decided to start writing a short game using Chronicler. This will allow me to fully test Chronicler’s functionality to find and fix user experience issues or bugs. I also plan on releasing the finished project as an example when it is done.
I was inspired by this post, and thought I’d try my hand at some horror fiction since I’ve always been a fan of H. P. Lovecraft’s works, and Frictional’s series of games.


Version is live!

I added the spell checking to most of the text boxes. You can right click on a misspelled word to bring up a context menu with suggested spellings.

It’s nowhere near as good as what you’d get in Microsoft Word, but it will definitely help with most typos!

NOTE: There was a bug in the current version, and in order for the update to be applied successfully, you have to close two of the “restart now” popups and hit restart on the third one (it doesn’t matter which order you close them in). While the popups are live, it prevents the executable from being overwritten by the updater which is why they need to be closed first. Sorry for the inconvenience. :confused:


Hey.I have some problems with Chronicler on windows 7.Can you please check your github ?Thank you very much!


Hi there,

I’ve worked with software development for a while (though ChoiceScript is a new thing for me to dive into), and have access to macOS if you still need someone for assistance with mac development.

Since I’m a newbie around here I can’t PM you about it, but I have followed the GitHub - feel free to reach out if you’re interested!



That would be fantastic! I assume you are able to install Qt Creator following the directions on the GitHub page.

After that it should just be a matter of cloning the repository and building it on your machine.
Make sure that you also open and build the Chronicler_Updater project which is in a subfolder. You’ll have to move it to the same folder as the main Chronicler executable.

I haven’t used a Mac in quite awhile. Is the file system similar to Unix? I need to know so I can patch the updater to work correctly.

We may need to setup a Slack channel for swifter communication while I workout any bugs with the updater.

If it builds successfully (in release mode), attach the files to an email and send it to benseawalker@yahoo.com, just include Chronicler in the title.



Sorry to post this publicly, but I have no other way of contacting the user who submitted a bug report yesterday.

A “Katie” mentioned that the download didn’t include an executable, just the updater. I’m not sure what went wrong but both the Windows and Linux versions have the executable in them.

The most likely situation is that an overzealous anti-virus program automatically quarantined Chronicler to “help” you out.
Alternatively, if you ran the updater without running Chronicler (meaning it didn’t have time to download an update file to the temporary directory), it is possible that the updater simply deleted the executable, and didn’t have the update to replace it with. (If that is the case, I’ll try and release a patch for it in the near future).


Not sure if this was covered above, but would love to have the ability to see what line you’re on either while initially coding or later, so that when I get some error about something I needed to do on line 64 in scene 12, I can quickly find it and analyze for problems. If this is something it’s already possible to do, please point that out. New and excited by Chronicler but having some minor difficulties. Thanks.


@Badchoice hmmmmmmm. That is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how exactly it would be possible to do it.

In the ChoiceScript generation code I might be able to issue callbacks with line numbers, but I’m not sure how best to display that for each bubble type. (This will also make the code generation far more complex than it currently is) :confused:

For now I’ll throw it into enhancements for after Chronicler is out of the beta stage.

Unless you are throwing all your code into a single code bubble (which kind of defeats the purpose of Chronicler haha), I’ve found it fairly easy to open the relevant scene.txt file in Notepad++ (which has line numbers), and from the relevant line of code, find it in my Chronicler project.

I plan on adding a “find” feature to Chronicler at some point.

Good luck, and welcome to ChoiceScript development!


Ah, I see. That helps a lot. And yea, find would be a great addition.


My chronicler for some reason wont actually update, it runs the updater but never actually goes to the next version. :frowning: I must be doing something stupid. XD


@spytim Yes, that was a bug with the old updater. You can acquire the latest one here: Windows | Linux.
Simply replace “Chronicler_Updater” with the new one in your Chronicler install directory.

Or alternatively, re-download the program from the main post.


Hey, not sure if anyone mentioned this to you, but after I installed the update that added this nifty “colouring” feature to the action bubbles,

I can only see one variable at a time. If I want to put more than one *set in an action bubble, I have to double-click it to see what’s there. Wildly inconvenient if you’re making a Choicegame with lots of variables (otherwise known as “every Choicegame ever.”).

PS. Sorry I couldn’t contribute to the Christmas contest. There just wasn’t enough notification and I can’t make a game in one month that I’d be confident enough to enter.


@Charname and @everyone_else

I do apologize. I noticed, fixed, and uploaded the executables but forgot to update the config file. XD
The update should be available now.


Thank you! Great fix! Very appreciative of all your work!


How does one make opposing stats? Or text stats? Or any kind of non-default stats that actually show up on the stat screen?