[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor


Can’t wait to get home from work and try this out!


This tool will indeed help me to a ridiculous degree, now all I need is to get my life back, ha. :grin: Ever grateful for the hours of work you put in, @BenSeawalker. <3


Version is up!

The debug game tool has been implemented.

To use it, simply place a “Start Here” bubble, connect it to the bubble you wish to start at, and fill in the variables you wish to set values for.
When you are ready to test, select the Start Here bubble and hit the activated debug game button!

There’s a couple more features I’d like to add to it, and I need to change it’s bubble icon in the sidebar.
One thing that might be useful is a custom code textbox so you can run a script before it starts. This can be done currently by placing a code bubble in between, but I feel it should be contained in the Start Here bubble itself.


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Thank you so much Ben! The additions you have made over the last week have been truly game changing! (pun intended) I’m halfway through writing my creation process but I’d love to post my file for a play through when I’m a little further along. I’m not really sure about when posting a WIP is a good idea but I’m excited to keep going!


Just updated Chronicler to with the enhancements mentioned in my last post.

I’ve been considering an idea in my head that was sparked by a comment made on here several months ago. The request was for Chronicler to automatically calculate the possibilities for variables as they are effected in all possible routes up to the selected bubble.

For example, in the Dragon project, when it hits the “finish_him” bubble, it would show you the values for the two possibilities for brutality, and the changes made to cunning and disdain in the other two routes at the choice junction.

Hovering over a value would highlight the bubbles in the route it took to calculate it.

If I was to combine this idea with the new start here bubbles, instead of manually entering the variables and their values, you would instead have a drop-down with the possible routes a player could take to arrive at that position.
The problems I can see right now are figuring out the algorithms behind the “%+ %-” statements, updating the start here bubbles when a route is changed, and coming up with a way of saving and loading routes. It would also have to calculate routes across scenes, whether that is linearly or through *goto_scene statements which will obviously make routes harder to calculate and display visually. I’d also have to process *if statements since one could conceivably write a piece of code like this:

*label cap_stats
*if brutality > 100
    *set brutality 100
*if disdain > 100
    *set disdain 100

This seems a little beyond the scope of Chronicler right now, so I’ve added it to my todo list as an enhancement for after Chronicler hits version 1.0.

@Tool Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:
Honestly, I wouldn’t post a WIP until at least the first act is done, and by “done” I mean all the main “concrete” plot points are hit, not necessarily perfect grammar or transitions. This will lead to better feedback from testers and whet our appetites for the next act of the story. @dashingdon’s free web hosting is an excellent place to post your game when you are ready.

EDIT - I fixed the link to the Chronicler Christmas Contest in the main post…


Version is up.

Finally got around to making the difference between true and false paths more visual…

Now the left/true anchor is green and the right/false anchor is red. I also added a note in the condition bubble tooltip as a reminder.


Version is up.

Two updates in one day? What is this madness!?
I added a “Tools” menu to the topbar with options for the Quick/Random tests and Compile as well as another location for the play/debug buttons.

I also added a link to this forum page under the “Help” menu.

Just make sure your web/mygame/scenes directory is clean and the default program for opening .html files is Firefox or something else that isn’t Google Chrome since it doesn’t play nice with CS.


We are being spoiled here. We’re going to expect all sorts of extra treats in future updates, which I now expect will come hourly from here on out.


Seriously cool! Getting better day by day.

In the future do you think chronicler will be able to support the *image command? I’m looking to add art to my story
but I have not been able to get the jpeg to display correctly. Outside chronicler I mean. I’m gonna post in the help section but I wanted to lend my thanks again Ben for the fast improvements. Being able to go back and forth now between scenes has allowed me to add a good layer of complexity to how I am gonna tell my story


You must be a publisher in disguise.

or maybe a published author who has dealt with publishers?

Of course, I jest. (do I really?) :wink:


@Tool Nothing in particular prevents you from using *image with Chronicler. (I think it’s in the code completion list, correct me if I’m wrong). The wikia covers its usage in this post.

The only improvement I can see is an import dialog that lets you embed images in your Chronicler project. I’ll add this to the todo list, but since images aren’t super important to ChoiceScript development it’ll probably be awhile before this feature goes live.


The deadline for the Chronicler Christmas Contest is fast approaching. If you still intend to enter please post a reply over on the topic and let me know.

Do you need more time? I am willing to extend the deadline til the middle of January if need be.

If the theme threw you off this year, I’ll be willing to accept entries that don’t match it if they are of sufficient quality in terms of plot.

Also, fair warning, I intend to run another contest next year as well. I’ll probably release the theme much earlier so that contestants have more time to work on their stories.


Hey Ben,

Got a crappy bug to report. When I’m attempting to create a new variable and save it all my *set commands are replaced with a string of the new variable.

All the text becomes nullnullnullnullnulllnulll or whatever the new variable is within the action bubbles.


Ah, sorry about that. I just released a quick patch that removes the issue, but doesn’t necessarily “fix” it.

Essentially, when you rename a variable, Chronicler takes the initiative and renames the references in the bubbles so you don’t have to manually do it. However it was just a simple find and replace, and for some reason a find and replace of nothing (from a new variable) matched everything in the bubble and subsequently replaced everything with the new name.

For right now, I removed the automatic renaming from action and code bubbles.

I can work around this through the use of regular expressions to determine what is and isn’t a variable before replacing them. I’ll try and have that out later today.


Version is up.

I hopefully fixed the issue with variable renaming.
I also added basic syntax highlighting. I plan on making the colors and font customizable in the settings menu at some point.


submitted a bug report but don’t worry about it. I realized it wasn’t meant to run on windows 7 so I got lucky and my inlaws had a laptop with windows 10 on it. Everything is great and I can write over the holidays now:)


Wow, um, its possible it was something wrong with that specific pc as I was able to successfully run Chronicler on an XP machine awhile back. You could try installing this specific version of the visual c++ runtime from Microsoft’s site to see if that fixes it.


I think it was that specific PC. Making fantastic progress with my game. I think I’ll be able to share a chunk of it next month as a WIP.

I’ve run into a bug with trying to play test in a scene that is not the start scene. The testing runs great beyond that and has saved me a ton of time always testing from the start.

Hope you had great finals and are enjoying the holidays. I know Chronicler helped me out confined with family for a week.



The issue occurs if the scene has a space in its name. Simply replace the spaces with an underscore and you should be good to go. I’ll have to add a validator to the scene name box that doesn’t allow spaces or other odd characters that might interfere at some point.


Sweet!! Goes back to writing.