Tin Star Help How to hang Marshall Steele?

I cant get the people to hang Marshall Steele. Sometimes i get the crowds attention but it disappears.How do i convince the people to hang him? I already know how hang Marshal James. So i can get the Hang the law achievement

It’s been awhile since I played Tin Star, but until someone gets here with a better answer, I seem to remember needing a lot of evidence and support. How much time have you spent in town gaining rapport with the locals, and how much snooping have you done into things like the telegrams? (I’m pretty sure I’m not getting my Marshalls confused, but correct me if I’m wrong.)

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[spoiler]You want a high Law and Persuasion stat, and to have explored all of the options available in your investigation before trying to win the town over (if you’ve collected the President’s telegram from Elko, gotten Mother Maddy, Andy, Ben and Dan to appear in order to help your case, visited the empty grave and found out about the apparently deceased Marshal James and how Marshal Steele is an imposter through conversations with Carrie, Jack, Preston and Steele’s brother via telegrams…then you’re good to go).

Then you have the option of “letting the crowd have him” or something to that effect. They will do the hanging.[/spoiler]


Ok, hope it’s ok to post after all this time, but just stumbled across this thread, not too fussed about the hang the law achievement, as play tinstar more for the story, but if the OP or someone else could help me with this it’d be much appreciated :slight_smile: . I’m the opposite, can hang marshall steel but not marshall James :confused: anyone know how to do this bit please? Cheers.


No problem. It isn’t to tough to do once you have the knack of it.

For a character build, you will probably want to have an emphasis on some kind of shooting (Gunfighting), Brawling, and something Persuasion or Intimidation (or both). This isn’t really essential, but it will make things easier. Additionally, you might want to be good friends with Carraway.

  1. Basically, you must go through the game until you get to the point in the Painted Caverns where Hungry Snake and the Uptons are holed up. Talk your way inside, usually by saying you want to parley.

  2. When you are inside, you must convince the Uptons you want to work with them. Being a thieving, murderous thug can help here, but if you played a good character up to now, that’s where the Persuasion/Intimidation comes in.

  3. Make your way through the game until you get to the point when you join Reginald in the mountains for the attack on the railroad. Once there, you need to gain control of Reginald’s bandits (whether you kill/capture Reginald is up to you). From this point, you must decide to raid Preston Springs.

  4. You’ll go through a few other screens, and then have Marshal James come gunning your way. You also find out his wife is on the roof with a rifle, picking people off.

Now I may be a little fuzzy on the details, but there is two ways to do this:

1: Shoot his wife. If one of your gun skills is high enough, this will work. If not, Carraway will work really well. Julie Moore, ,the undertakers, will fall and the Marshal is overcome with grief rushes to her side…and allowing you to start a swinger party.

2: If you worked more on the Brawling side of things, run into the hotel. James will follow, and you will have a chance to pummel him into paste. This will leave him alive, and once more you can hang him high and dry.


Cheers, appreciate it :slight_smile: shouldn’t be too hard, have previously got to the point where I raid the train with the uptons, not gone down that line many times(think once or twice) will try it out :slight_smile: .

Edit: didn’t manage to get steel hung :open_mouth: think my persuasion wasn’t high enough/I didn’t put forward the evidence in the right order(went for intimidation) but on my 2nd playthrough managed to take control of the upton gang(killed upton after telling him I killed his sister in his office or what not) didn’t manage to hang james, but haven’t gotten the raid on preston springs before, so was more concerned with getting this different ending tbh, cheers again :slight_smile: .


Sorry if my suggestions/order didn’t get it to you. I admit, I usually don’t have any problem, but I’ve played the game so many times, I do a lot of stuff automatically.

For hanging Steele.
Depending on what evidence you have, I usually start with the small bits first. If you get the lady saloon owner (her name eludes me), Schmidt, as well as Andy (assuming you saved his life)…that will work. You can even mention the empty grave. The bigger evidence would be the stuff by Tumbleweed Jack, as well as the telegrams from the President, Secretary of Treasury, and the Marshall Steele living in New Orleans.

Well, at least you got to see a new branch then :slight_smile:
Sorry, once again, if my advice might not have worked in your case.

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Cheers, didn’t know andy could help give evidence, but do at least know how to save him(if you’re a doctor and go to where you think he went and try to restart his heart). As I said I think it was my persuasion stat, as did start off with the small stuff, and had all the evidence you listed except andy…I was also playing as an evil SOB, killing Jeff Doner’s workers(can’t remember their names), raiding the mining camp etc…I think so anyway, tried a few times, not sure if that stuff impacts it, though it’d make sense if it did.

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This is an…unusual term for hanging someone. I like it. Maybe I’ll use it to give someone a nasty surprise in personal adverts. :smiley:

“Swinger party at my house at 666 Brimstone Drive. Plenty of hemp available for all.”


Since this thread is probably the “freshest”, and the discussion is somewhat related to the questions I have, I hope nobody would mind me posting here.
Here is what I’d like to know:

[spoiler]- How to convince ‘Marshall’ Steele to surrender? (As in, without having to win over a crowd first and him still being defiant about it).

  • How to ride a bear?
  • How to get a love interest to kill you?
  • How to help the Indians so that they’ll get a better epilogue than “locked up in reservations with some steel knives as consolation” (paraphrased)?
  • Are there any detailed manuals for “very bad marshall” playthroughs out there? I still have Blackest Heart, Frontier Freedom, Hang the Law, Master Betrayer and No Rules to Play By locked and I have a feeling that playing in order to achieve them with my head and heart fully invested is going to prove difficult.[/spoiler]

I also would like to know how to ride a bear. I tried every single option, then tried them all again as a native character. Nothing worked.