Tin Man Games Humble Bundle for Android


There’s currently a bunch of Tin Man Games on Humble Bundle. I haven’t actually played any of them, but if you’ve an android tablet it looks like a really good deal for some interactive fiction.


What is “Tin Man Games”?


They’re a company that makes digital gamebooks.

I think the majority of their games are digital versions of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks that were popular in the 80s. While I did love the Fighting Fantasy books when I was a child, I’ve not actually played any of the Tin Man Games versions, so I’ve no idea if they’re any good or not. But I’ve heard some people on the forums speaking about the games and playing them, so I figured people might appreciate knowing they can grab some for cheap.


I don’t know. Follow the link and read what it says.


The writing and illustrations are good, the mechanics are great, and they have some awesome soundtracks. They’re decently priced, too. The only thing that keeps me from being an avid reader of Tin Man Games is that they heavily incorporate dice rolling, which strips away all of the immersion for me.