Tin Man Gamebooks games

I was wondering has anyone played the tin man gamebook adventure games? How are they? I keep getting tempted to buy one and try it out but never do.

I bought one and had fun with it… TIL the end. The Gamebook I got had a pretty bullshit ending which made me wanna just not buy another game, the ending was pretty much “You Fail” no matter what you do unless you do this bizarree and just stupid route through the game, and then I felt like it was punishing me for making choices more than rewarding me.

It was that theif of orlandes or whatever it’s called I wouldnt get that one, but I guess any other one besides that may be fun if they dont repeat themselves, if I had to get another one I would go for the Judge Dredd ones.

I bought An Assassin in Orlandes, and thought it was okay, despite not being a big CYOA fan. I apparently stumbled across the correct ending after my second time reaching the endgame, but that was definitely the weakest part of the story.

I also got Infinite Universe for free, but was put off almost immediately by typos and a stupid fight.

Speaking of fights, the dice mechanics are pretty lousy for the series, and later fights in a book take forever.

If you haven’t already, check out the Lone Wolf project at http://www.projectaon.org/. It’s free, runs in your browser, and I liked the story and fights (made easy by the stats keeper at http://www.projectaon.org/en/statskeeper/ ).

I bought all 8 of them. I liked them all. Favorite one was Revenant Rising. The weakest one was Infinite Universe which was a scifi adventure. It made for a nice change of pace, but it was too easy.

Basically if you’re familiar with the old school Fighting Fantasy books they’re pretty much the same thing, though I think they surpass some of those even.

Tinman is actually reprinting some of the old FF series too. Blood of the Zombies is a brand new adventure though and quite different from the normal style of FF.

Personally I’m looking forward to the remake of the Sorcery! series coming to the iPad. Looks like they doing more than just straight book transfer and are updating it with an interactive map and extra encounters.


I will try revenant rising think I saw it in the kindle fire store. Thanks for the project Aon links looks like those books will also be fun to get into.

@hild http://www.projectaon.org/staff/david/ I downloaded Seven Sense so lone wolf games were less work to manage

Well thanks for posting the links, I gave the lone wolf games a try.

I didn't like how lower level kai skills were treated as irrelevant at higher level books, or the bag of spilling they decided to add.

Hmm, I'm an adventurer in a world filled with nasty demons and undead and evil wizards, I think I'll stop carrying some magic items to make it sporting for them.  As if.