This had better be better then World of Darkness Preludes

Found this awhile ago on Steam, it’s rated well and I thought I might as well post it here. Besides I’m going to try it tonight, as it sounds fantastic.

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I seem to remember playing this a long time ago. Must’ve been up somewhere else, it wasn’t on steam.

I played this on Android when it first came out (before the Steam release). The story is intriguing with multiple branches depending on your relationship strength with many of the characters. Although this can only alter the final chapter by a somewhat minuscule amount which is fine - the final chapter was done exceedingly well.

The game is short but there is replayability - due to the relationship branching, you can also choose how you would like to remove ‘spectres’; with negotiation or combat. You can also ignore them and let them run havoc. :smiley:

Though there were a few bugs with the Android version (that I hope have been addresses) I’d say it’s worth the £2.79.

Catapults self into this thread the moment World of Darkness is mentioned
Is disapointed 30 seconds later

I don’t understand… what’s the connection between this and WoD:P?


It was awful… Though basically same genre.

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