The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

I always choose them to be the ex-lover. It’s just funny how UB react to them :grin:


I thought this ask was particularly interesting


A’s is particularly interesting. Makes me wonder if that’s why he’s so averse to being in love, if it was someone he thought he loved who convinced him and then dumped him afterward. I can’t remember if A’s been in love before (I know not soulmate love, like with the MC, but just thought he was?). I’m thinking no, but I’ll have to dig through asks.

M’s is also interesting. Makes me think it was someone he banged, lol. Or if he was captured and turned. I like the idea of him being like a Wolverine-type experiment. I just hope we find out his whole story before the series is done, since he doesn’t remember anything and can’t share it himself.

F: Poor baby. :frowning:

N: How the hell is he so nice after that??


I am like eleventy-billion percent sure M’s sire is the person who’s experimenting on them in the mirror flashback. Additionally, I would not be surprised if that person turns out to be not!Murphy.

Being evil is what the OTHER N’s for.

You already did. They murdered a shipfull of sailors in the middle of a storm.

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Oh shit! I had never thought of that. That would be freaking awesome. I mean, not for M, but that’d be a hell of a twist.

I want to see that N. Like now.

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Here’s another fun ask (especially for M)


Yeah, M’s is really interesting. I’d love to see it in-game, really. I think some MCs (Dezh, for one) could use that kind of… well, not encouragement, but a sign that M isn’t just banging anything with a heartbeat when they aren’t in the MC’s presence. She’d fully expect Mason to just flirt back or hit on the person in return if someone walked up and hit on him, even with her standing right there (and figures Mason would probably set up a time to go bang them later with her there, too, lol).

I also found A’s answer interesting. In some ways, A is like the antithesis of M. M loves the attention and uses their looks to get what they want–having people after them because of their looks and surface attraction is something they revel in.

A, on the other hand, doesn’t like the attention and doesn’t want something meaningless (or meaningful, but let’s not go there right now). So to have hundreds of years where people who know nothing about them hit on them simply because their hot is exhausting. And it’s happened so much that A probably cringes any time a human smiles at them. They’re stereotyping, but they have cause for it.

Makes me wonder if A–who fell in love with the MC at first sight–is afraid the MC is just attracted to their looks like other humans, and won’t see what’s beneath the surface (and maybe won’t like what’s beneath the surface). :frowning:


Sometimes, I think A doesn’t like A, and they project that onto MC. (Like in that scene in book 1 where A assumes MC thinks of them as a monster)


Yeah, I can see that. A jumps to a lot of conclusions about what other people (especially the MC) think about them. It’s like, A is confident when it comes to work and being able to kick some ass… and even where UB is concerned, because they are family. But when it comes to anything related to emotions or people (especially humans that aren’t part of the Agency), A’s walls are a mile thick.

It comes out in their non-romance paths, too. A’s concern over N and F opening themselves up too much and getting hurt is very strong and very real. Part of it may be them not trusting the MC not to hurt them, but part of it is likely because they don’t trust that they or the rest of UB can ever truly have happiness (and it’s like A really does think that they’re a danger to the MC, because they say that, too). With M, A doesn’t worry–as far as they are concerned, M is only about the sex and isn’t capable of falling for someone, so no need to worry about them getting “hurt” (I’m sure A would find the suggestion laughable). The only risk is the MC getting their heart broken (and A doesn’t really care about that) or the risk they pose as vampires, which A doesn’t worry about with M since M makes clear just how dangerous they are (plus, A doesn’t think they have to worry about M getting distracted by emotions and doing something crazy over the MC, whereas N and F are very emotional, with F being ruled by his a lot, I think).

I think you’re right about A projecting onto the MC with the monster comment in b1 (and similar comments elsewhere). It would explain how A angrily throws that at the MC (instead of realizing that the MC just thinks they’re being a dick, not a monster), as well as their behavior in N and F’s paths (reminding them of “what we are” or however he phrased it). The question is, where does that view come from?

F makes several comments about how no one like vampires or wants to work with them, which makes me wonder if either A has heard 900 years of that shit (“vampires are monsters, blah blah blah”) and bought into it because it wore him down after a while, or if F said it because A is the one who hammers that point out of their own self-image and inability to trust people (which probably stems from being screwed over pretty badly, at some point).

Psychoanalyzing UB with practically no information on them is fun, lol. Maybe by the end of b3, we’ll actually have a few crumbs to go on so it won’t have to all be speculation.

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