The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

She’s a big softy inside. It’s just her mask that prevents her from ever expressing her true intentions/feelings.

M is best romance and you can’t change my mind.


Idk… Farah does exist lol.


Farah and MCs romance is childlike and beautiful but its annoyingly slow and lacks tension (like Ava and Mc) but nevertheless, I like Farah.

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Morgans romance was the most action packed and exiting of all. but there’s always this lack of commitment from morgans end that makes it quite frustrating for some people ig.

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I loved Farahs because I can understand why she feels like she does. She just wants someone to choose her. She truly falls in love and it’s so sweet. Morgan frustrates me cause she only wants sex and nothing more, at least for now lol

My MC was super sarcastic and always wanted to put others above himself (may have accidentally played myself but fuck it) for that MC I ended up romancing F and having A as my best friend (who mostly just tolerates me at best lol) my smart ass always loved picking on her whenever i get the chance. Nat is amazing too she was who i chose for my second playthrough. A was fun but kinda heartbreaking to me. M just annoyed me lol but i see why she is liked.

Nat is my favourite. what about you? could you describe your MC


Agreed. I may change my mind after four or five books of the up and down, hot and cold, mean and nice, but for now? Definitely my favorite.

I get the lack of tension for the F-mance, but slow? I don’t think it’s that slow. Hell, F wanted an official relationship before N did.

I think, for the most part, F and N are pretty well-paced, more like a normal relationship. A is ridiculously slow. And M is supposed to be just as ridiculously slow, but at least the MC can have sex with him, which mitigates some of the annoyances of being tediously slow. With A, there’s nothing to mitigate the marathon of misery other than the gold at the end of the rainbow.

I think you’re right that some people are annoyed at the lack of a commitment up front. For me, as the reader, the only thing I find frustrating about M’s path so far is in the demo–the tender moment followed by M being a cold-hearted dick.

One reason I have a problem with A’s path is the mixed signals, and it took me forever to find an MC that could work on that path. Mixed signals, hot and cold, and emotionally tugging and shoving the MC doesn’t sit well with me for most MCs. It took finding one who literally has no desire whatsoever to act on her attraction to Adam, and having the option to tell him to stop jerking her around helps. But we knew from the beginning that A would refuse to give in and fight it till the bitter end–it was love at first sight on A’s end, but A doesn’t want it and resists. Therefore, A jerks the MC around (unintentionally, but it’s there) with the hot/cold crap.

Then there’s M. Sera had said that M doesn’t resist their feelings, they just don’t know what they feel. However, in the book 3 demo, it looks an awful lot like outright resistance to me in that diner. That was willful on M’s part, not cluelessness. And that will frustrate me as a reader and will hurt my Maso-mancer if he consistently behaves the same way A behaves. Apparently, that’s where things are going, though. M is going to be like a mini-me to A until Sera decides M can have feelings for the MC.

Oh well, we knew it’d take most of the series to finally have the MC with M or A, so it’s not a big shocker. I just expected a different path with M, where M and the MC would be a couple in all but name and practically be living together before M woke up and was like, “When the hell did I start living here?” MC: “Six months ago.” M, grumbling: “Well stop putting your clothes in my drawers!”


Just putting my 2 cents out here: Many people will deny or resist anything strange or new, so I think that’s what M did. So when the waitress(lol forgot her name) asked about The Mc and M being together, M didn’t know how to respond, and said the first thing that came into their mind.

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Hm. So you think it was more of an impulse thing than an intentional denial of anything going on between M and the MC?

I think the thing that made me think it’s more of an A-level thing than cluelessness is how pissed off M got after snapping that out at Haley. If it had just been impulse, why sit and pout after he says what he does? Plus, M already realizes in the demo that things are ‘different’ with the MC.

The blip in chapter 3 of the demo where he says he knows lust but there’s something else mixed in with the feeling that he can’t identify. That is cluelessness/confusion, and it’s obvious that M doesn’t know what’s going on (which is why N says what they do). On the way down the street, M is going with what feels right without thinking about it (which is totally an M thing to do), flinging his arm around the MC and walking together. In the bakery, he’s doing the same thing–kissing the MC, but doing in that way where he’s so lost in the MC that nothing else exists (and yeah, it’s clear that what’s driving that action is that “thing” mixed in with the lust, but M is still purely acting on instinct, on what feels right). And M is clearly confused by that kiss and how it goes down.

But when Haley walks up and says what she does, M doesn’t just scoff and smirk at the MC while talking about them seeing him naked (which would’ve been the normal response, I think), but instead gets pissed off, makes the comment implying the only thing the MC is good for is screwing, then sinks into a sullen silence.

If it was confusion driving him, I could see the sullen silence, with him growling at Haley and refusing to answer while he sits there ignoring her and the MC and glaring in the distance because he’s still trying to figure it out. But the fact that he got so pissed off at the mere suggestion that something else is going on between him and the MC makes it seem like he realizes there’s reason for such an observation and wants to nip it in the bud, not only so Haley gets it but so the MC does as well, because he’s refusing for there to be more and will fight it till the bitter end if that is, indeed, the other ‘thing’ that’s mixed in with the lust.

That’s where there’s a disconnect for me between what Sera said about M and what we’re seeing. M’s behavior and words go against the idea of “if it feels right do it” and moves into the realm of M wanting sex but fighting any other feeling (rather than simply being unable to identify it) Therefore, the vehement denial and pouting afterward (which seemed to me to be M steeling himself against ever behaving like that again).

I mean, that’s just my interpretation of it, so your mileage may vary. But if this is going to be a regular thing :tm: with M–where they run hot and cold with the MC and get pissed off and nasty any time they do something that suggests the MC might be more than a sex toy–there’s really no way it can’t come off as A-level denial. Confusion and cluelessness about falling in love are completely separate beasts from denial/refusal to allow that love to exist.


New youtube from Sera and Nai:

My takeaways:

The “who falls in love fastest?” question was… mostly expected. But it did give a better idea of how long it will take each romance to get to this point, I think.

  • As we know, A fell in love with the MC at first sight, in the office when they met in book 1. At this point, it’s just a matter of A not fighting it anymore.
  • Surprisingly, N is next (I expected F, to be honest!), with a natural progression from crushing to becoming more to being in love, with fairly fast movement from step 2 to step 3. I’m guessing we’re at step 2 with them, if the MC chose to date them. Probably by the end of book 3, N will realize it’s love.
  • With F, she said they spend longer in the crush stage then immediately jump into being in love. So, apparently, they are still in the crushing stage? Not sure if she’d have F and N get to the love part at the exact same time, but I can see it happening by the end of book 3.
  • The part that absolutely blows is the M part, because not only does it take a really long time for them to fall in love, it will take even longer for them to realize that’s what it is. We knew the latter part already, but I had assumed M was already falling by the end of book 2–apparently not. Paraphrasing from the video, at some point M will be like: “Oh, so I’ve been in love for years.” YEARS! Given that Sera has said the series will cover two or three years, it looks like it’ll probably be a book 7 realization for M. And probably book 5 or 6 before they get to the point where they are actually in love with the MC. M-mancers may be getting shafted more than A-mancers!

The question about possible specific moments when the LI says “I love you” to the MC was an interesting one (including the part about hopefully getting that admission from A before book 7!).

  • Apparently, the MC might get that declaration at different points based on how the MC behaves. N and F really aren’t worries–no matter what, I’m sure you guys will get that declaration fairly soon, at least in book 3 or 4. * For A and M-mancers? With A, I think some MCs basically got that in book 2 with the ‘tu omnia’ comment, so I think an outright declaration may happen in book 3 if the MC does things a certain way. It seems that MCs who put the job above A’s well-being and who are shyer about things get better responses from A than those who are direct, so they’ll probably get it first, if I had to bet.
  • For M-mancers, much like with A, those who let M get hurt got a shot at better responses from M than those who saved them. And Sera definitely seems to prefer a shy MC to a bold one, since the shy MCs seem to get better behavior and responses from A and M. So maybe that type of choice will lead to M declaring love before book 7 and several years have passed? Too bad for me, because my M-mancer is not shy.

The question on deep romance was another one that was… a bit disappointing. I had made the mistake of assuming that ‘deep romance’ implied a relationship between the MC and their LI. That, however, is not the case.

  • According to Sera in the video, “deep romance” refers to the MC being “comfortable” with the LI, which might mean a relationship, or it might mean the “flirtation.”
  • Since the MC can already have a relationship with N and F, if they so choose, then the deep romance will, obviously, be a relationship thing. She implied that book 1 and 2 were crush stage for N and F, and book 3 is like the honeymoon stage? After that is getting comfortable before deep romance. Deep romance for F will be book 4, from her comments. Book 5 for N?
  • Since A and M are long haul things–and based on the above question and answers–the “deep romance” thing most likely refers to the flirtation with A and the sex (or making out or flirting, depending on MC choice) with M.
  • What I got from it: I don’t think anyone should count on getting relationships from A or M until just before the very end, given this and her comments about how long things take to progress with them.
  • Also: An A relationship may happen first (beginning of book 6, maybe? with M coming end of book 6/beginning of book 7?), given her comments about who falls in love first and just how long it takes M to get there. More and more it sounds like A-mancers will have it better than M-mancers unless the MC is fine with meaningless sex until the very end. My M-mancer is, but I’m not sure she can take the hot and cold from Mason without shutting down, so… I don’t know.

The question about who is more protective… another interesting one, and how each is protective in their own way. What’s more interesting about this is which team members get friend points in book 2 for the ‘save Sanja’ mission–I don’t know if you guys dived into the code or not, but it seems like some members of UB value certain other member more than the mission, while the mission is more important than certain UB members for some. Not sure how to take that, really, especially since the points go as follows:

  • Saving A over Sanja: +1F, +1N; saving Sanja over A: +1M
  • Saving M over Sanja: +1F; saving Sanja over M: +1N, +1A
  • Saving F over Sanja: +1M, +1 N; saving Sanja over F: +1A
  • Saving N over Sanja: +1F, +1M; saving Sanja over N: +1A

shoot- neither of my MCs for them are shy :tired_face: :expressionless: (much like myself)… well, just gotta wait it out, then. Hopefully F and N can fill up that space for now :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I figure we non-shy/flustery A and M-mancers will just have to wait it out and suffer through longing looks from A and M being a dick on and off for who knows how many years for the last two books to come out before we finally get to see our MCs happy with those two. Hopefully I won’t be dead before that happens, XD But that’s what fanfic is for, right? Getting the happy stuff now instead of ten years from now?

Thankfully, I do like the F route and my F-mancer is hilarious, so that should be entertaining. I’m still meh about N’s route, but maybe that’ll change. It’s just a bit too syrupy for me as a reader (I’ve never been into your “classic” romances where the couple is over-the-top sweet and perfect), and even my N-mancer is turning non-syrupy so she doesn’t end up with cavities. Gotta balance that out! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I was wondering if the save game has been implemented for book 2, I know that CoG doesn’t do it right away so I just wanted to make sure.


Don’t think it’s been implemented yet. If I remember correctly, save systems usually get implemented when the game is about 80% done or has entered the publishing queue. Book 3 has not reached either of these milestones yet.

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Ah ok, thanks!


The misery is what A-mancers are here for.


Masochists! :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, now it appears that M-mancers will have to be worse masochists than the A-mancers! At least we can share in our misery, though.


Oof, gotta say… I’m not exactly feeling optimistic about this. I’ve been mostly playing Wayhaven for the M romance, and even how that works in the demo for book 3 is getting on my nerves.

I genuinely get the feeling I’m probably going to drop this series after book 3 releases - I just really can’t stand the (as it comes across to me) immature hot-and-cold behaviour from M. It’s a bit sad, because I enjoyed Sera’s VNs long before Wayhaven came out, but M is increasingly reminding me of high school-level drama and I just don’t find that attractive. Especially as I don’t play a shy MC, so it’s a bit annoying that my PC would be penalised for that with a later confession.

I know this series is quite unique even compared to the HC games in terms of how intensely it focuses on romance as the plot, which I can know is enjoyable to many people. But to be something of a sceptic - if this does end up being seven books, this will be the longest CoG series with a single protagonist. How many will really want to hang on for 4-6 years in hopes that book six will finally be the book where M (and even A) finally get into a relationship with the protagonist?

Maybe I’m wrong, especially as I know the majority of the fanbase seems to congregate on Tumblr, not the forums, but honestly it just feels exhausting to even contemplate. Then again, maybe it’s different for people who enjoy more than one of the romance routes, but I do wonder. It’s kinda a shame Sera doesn’t really interact with the forums (though I know she’s focusing on her writing in general at the moment) because I’d love to get some clarification so I can decide whether it’s worth me getting invested in the rest of the series or not.

That being said, I can see how what she’s said will appeal to a lot of fans, so that’s fair enough and I don’t begrudge anyone that. Just a bit saddened that it looks like I’ll probably end up dropping this series, as the world building is fascinating and I’d love to see more of the wider setting.


Why not just romance F or N instead then? :joy: No need to drop the series because of these two.


Yeah, I’m right there with you for both points. This pretty much confirmed my worst fears for this series. And I agree that M in the demo is… well, I’ve said it before, it’s more like A than how I picture M, and I find A’s path exhausting already.

Agreed. M has repeatedly been presented as the one who goes with what feels good and doesn’t overthink things. They don’t “do” relationships and are up front with the MC that it’s just no-strings sex, which is fine. What’s not fine is M acting like it’s more than that (like walking down the street with an arm slung around the MC then kissing the MC like they are the most precious thing in the world) only to get nasty not two seconds later–that isn’t going with the flow, that’s intentionally resisting. I’ve accused A of being emotionally abusive in the way they do the hot/cold, mixed signal thing with the MC (and I stand by that, because that isn’t the way you treat people you supposedly care for), but with M headed down the same damned path, it is actually worse than what A’s doing because (for some MCs, mine included) sex is involved, and giving mixed signals on top of that is just all kinds of fucked up and is nothing more than playing with the MC’s head.

Yeah. I figured M would be the f-buddies turned friends turned intense love thing, not a mirrored version of A, with M jerking the MC around and constantly acting like they actually care one second and kicking the MC in the teeth the next simply because M doesn’t want the damned feelings any more than A does. And penalizing the MCs who don’t get into the drama of letting the LI get hurt or acting like a flustered 13-year-old is just wrong. I can’t imagine four books of the shit we’re getting in the demo before getting an actual relationship with M. By the time that happened–after a year or more of having M vacillate between caring and just wanting her to get off with–my MC wouldn’t believe M’s “love” for one freaking second and would think he was lying to get something from her. And there’s pretty much nothing that could convince her otherwise.

Longer than that if it takes her a year and half to get one book done. And I’m not sure how many will want to hang on that long with this high-school hot and cold BS from both A and M. Personally, I figured with a series this long, it would give us a chance to see what we normally don’t see in other series or one-book IFs, which is getting to see the MC in a relationship with their LI and how they handle things as a couple. Usually, the LI and MC don’t actually get together until the end of a book and there has yet to be a series focused on romance the way Wayhaven is. Unfortunately, it seems that, for A and M, the “get together at the end of the book” will be “get together at the end of the series.” I get that Sera sees “romance” as the flirting and build-up for A and M, but I do not. Build-up isn’t the romance for me… it’s building a relationship and future together that is the romance. And I had really counted on getting to see that, instead of just endless longing looks with A and meaningless sex with M (both getting a moment or two per book where they actually show some true emotion only to immediately go back to being cold).

Well, one thing to consider is that a lot of the Wayhaven fanbase love the “angst” of the MC not being able to get together with A or M, so they are probably not only okay with it taking the whole series, but they want it to. I think you and I are in the minority by not enjoying the childish mixed signals and hot/cold crap.

I can only answer for myself, but… although I find the F romance cute, it’s not something that really draws me in. And N? I need to be dosed with 5 billion tons of fluoride to keep from getting a cavity from that path. As characters, neither of them are as interesting as A and M. As romance options, F feels too childish (and I had to make a very young detective to fit with him and make her flighty as hell) and N is just… I don’t know, he doesn’t feel natural and feels like the least “real” person of the four. It’s not because he’s nice–I know plenty of nice people–but he’s so tropey that it’s almost cartoonish.