The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!)

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Doesn’t seem like it; it appears completely benign and is never brought up again.

Patreon demo’s out, by the way! Gonna go play it.


Sera put a reminder to be mindful of those who are non Patreons.

So no discussion until the public release of demo this Friday. Hope for your cooperation!


Just gonna make a quick announcement that as of now, and until further notice, this discussion thread is officially… :drum: …SPOILER FREE FOR BOOK THREE!

So talk, speculate, drool over Unit Bravo to your heart’s content! Just make sure that any Book Three spoilers are well-hidden!

Have fun, everyone!!


What’s your guys favorite RO?

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For me, Nate. :relaxed:

Best friend, Felix. :grin:

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Same @Taylor_Enean except opposite gender of the characters



Can’t decide :thinking:

I understand it’s hard.

Mason or Felix, depending on what RO vibe I’m going for lol

It’s Felix right now. Used to be Nate but book 2 made me fall headfirst for Felix. I love Mason too but Adam isn’t my cup of tea, I’m glad to be friends with him though.

Thank you guys for answering!

Definitely Nate. Felix is a close second because he’s so sweet and fun.

I love each of ro, so im gonna pick everyone.
But to be bff spesifically? Yeah, F. They lots of fun to be friend with. (and probably a friend route with M and genuine!MC. M just doesn’t know how to deal with them, it’s so funny and endering at the same time :joy:)

Morgan :100:

:+1: nice everyone

Mason for RO, Felix for BFF. Adam for RO, Nate for BFF.
It just makes sense. :thinking:


Ava, Natkins and farah for romance . :kissing:

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Ava for RO.
Morgan or Felix for friendship.