The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Sera haven’t mentioned yet but it would probably be safe to assume that there will be more side characters to interact with which I am excited about. :joy:


Considering the content that has been teased in book 1… I mean, even without adding peeps, there is PLENTY to explore. i.e.

  1. N and the need for extra blood… we have seen the everything nice and the sugar… I wanna know about the SPICE part.
  2. M and the pherormones… why did that make F uncomfortable?
  3. F and the echo world… we all recall F has never been human right? What does that mean?
  4. How the heck old is A?
  5. Who made them… and how?
  6. … is it possible for the LT to go in a way that A and N give in to the threesome that this community has been fantasizing about?

Oh COME ON, you’ve all been thinking about it… I’m just saying… what a mental image. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Not even saying I’d survive the read knowing how Sera writes.

I could continue…


To your Point 6, there had been a clear no, somewhere in the Posts.


On Point 3, F is a natural born vampire which means they were never been a human.

On Point 6, like @Kaelyn said, A and N will not be comfortable in a poly relationship which already confirmed by the author.


Considering the angst aspect, I kinda figured as much… BUT what a mental image… LOL

It’s weird to actually be looking forward to getting your heart torn out you chest, shredded in tiny little pieces and mixed in with pepper and onions … for Sera to make heart fajitas out of it… that’s my realistic expectations for the LT scenario… And YET, I’ll still play it… OBVIOUSLY I need therapy. LOL

@resuri08 I’m wondering what means tho… there are differences, but F’s reactions have been… interesting. i.e. in M’s case. Still… it’s safe to say that F is almost a mindreader… LOL


We have compiled a FAQ about TWC so anyone who are interested and have the time to read. Go here:


Sorry… I meant Point 3 and I went to correct my post. :joy:


That is a reason why I do not play the LT route, since I am too weak. I do feel bad if I cause pain even in fictional people. When I imagine to harm the friendship betweem A and N I just can not do it. Sometimes I am to nice, but the chars are all written in a way, that I like them, so I do not want to hurt them^^


It’s not being weak. Don’t worry. I too don’t like the idea of LT route since in my mind, why would my detective date N if she like A for example. But that’s just me. :joy:


@Kaelyn I KNOW, right. I feel like a total scumbag throughout the game… Yet… the intensity… and the angst… the unresolved issues I seem to have (lol)… I actually played the Book2 demo before Book 1, so I wasn’t really invested… Then I payed Book 1 and I was like… “… How could you DO that??” LOL

@resuri08 That makes sense… I like A and M (weird I know, but very different reasons, lol). I can’t see F as a LI and N is ALWAYS a great friend… unless I’m playing the LT. It is a really weird thing that the heartbreaking dynamic does in this case… which is terrible because N is so sweet and open… and the options for deciding where your attention goes, are just heartwrenching…

… Uh… I’m REALLY trying to recall why I do that to myself. LOL


I could barely playthrough the LT in the first game, and I feel horrible each time I go through it in the demo or replays. As the story progresses I might have to abandon it entirely.

@NightieMe The author confirmed that any threesome would involve Morgan, or, if Morgan was the main LI, Nat. However, there is no chance of these occuring in the games.


You know what I’d like to know? What the members of UB (except F, obvioulsy) were like when they were human! Was being turned like a paradigm shift or were they basically always who they are minus the powers?


Same. I was really curious about how it would work, but at some point i realise how unfair that was getting and i felt kinda terrible lol.


On point 1, N actually needs less blood than others.


Posting for Sera! -SpunkyCat

The Wayhaven Chronicles—Update 13/Sept/2019


Oh man, I seriously pushed myself this week to get that done as I was so excited :smiley:

As I said last week, there are three versions of Chapter 18 but they were nice and straightforward, so they ended up being a breeze to write!

Chapter 19 on the other hand is a big one. It’s the epilogue/wrap-up kinda chapter, so there’s quite a few variations in it to account for choices made throughout the book as well as with characters. It also ends on some bigger split scenes.

But it’s the last one! Ahhhh!!!

This will be started on Tuesday next week though, as I am going to give myself a long weekend to rest. No sneaky working on my rest days like I usually do :smiley: I think I probably overstretched myself a bit this week and I’m really exhausted and feeling a bit drained. And I want to be at my absolute best for this final push, so I’m hoping a mini-break for properly resting will help with that.

So close now though!!

Hope you all have an absolutely amazing weekend, and I’ll talk to you all on Tuesday! :slight_smile:


Im soo excited and can’t wait. But rest is so important too, i think everyone wants the autor well, even if it means we’ll have to wait a little longer


Incredible news! Can’t wait to play the Book Two! Wayhaven Chronicles is one of my absolute favorites. Don’t push yourself too hard please, though! Rest as long as you need and don’t worry about anything. We all here excited, but I’m pretty sure each one of us wants you to be well rested and healthy.


Aaaaa! The progress you have made on Book Two is INCREDIBLE, a break is well deserved. :heart_eyes:

I hope you understand how much we all appreciate the lengths you go to keep us updated, and keep us engaged. Enjoy a nice break with your ratties, we will be here!




Very excited to continue on with the story, will have to re-read the first book to recall much of the story because it’s been so long.

I’m also willing to wait than see a rushed story. If Book One was any indication, Book Two will be just as heart-pounding and exciting to read.