The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

That’s a hell of a growth :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know, right? I think it’d be funny if my 5’1" detective didn’t grow a bit when turned. It’d piss her off so bad and make me laugh. :smiley:


Can I just say how much I appreciate how you adding links to tumbr when you reference an ask. I do not have the brainpower to go through old asks. I was looking for a specific ask the other day, and was searching tumblr for like 2hours because the search function was no help.

Lol. One of my detectives, Areylia, is 4’11", and keeps telling everyone she’s 5’0" because in her words 11 and 3/4 inch is close to 5’0" than to 4’11", so by rules of rounding it should be 5’0", but her driver’s license says 4’11". Although, I think she secretly enjoys being short, and would actually be disappointed if she had an N style growth after turning. (If she does. I’m still not sure she will.)


Maybe our MC is already an ideal version of themselves and the only effects would be maximize our physical appearance.

I mean, it would be really weird if MC got taller/shorter (?) and their coworkers saw them like that, wouldn’t it be?


aren’t y’all jumping the gun a bit on the whole wanting a choice to turn into a vampire thing?

we ain’t even halfway into the whole thing yet, didn’t sera say something about Wayhaven being seven books in total and the possible choice of turning into a supernatural is only at the end? we don’t even have that much info on the detective’s mcguffin blood and frankly we’re still to early to see how it all pans out.

I’m only interested in the romance angle tbh. I just want mommy ava and her lovely detective to just get it on. The latter is already is quite special even without being a vampire because of the whole thing with their blood.


A milenia of trauma is hard to overcome in a year, and you know… we need material for 7 books…


Hey guys, I’ve been locked out of this thread since the demo dropped and I didn’t know how to fix it (apparently I had to spend time in other threads), so I didn’t get to say my opinion on the final demo.

I did a couple of different routes before book two came out until I ventured into the M route and have been a committed M-mancer since, so I can only comment on the M part of the demo.


I thought it was very exciting and made a lot of sense for my Detective and M to get into their first big fight, but it was pretty disappointing that it didn’t seem to affect their later interactions at all. It would’ve been interesting for maybe another member of UB to notice the tension during breakfast or at some point of the sort and maybe talk to M or the Detective, but in the end it felt a bit swept under the rug. Hopefully there is a little bit more conflict during the rest of the book between the couple (or at least the option to have conflict), rather than just a resolution with M acknowledging their feelings with no pain along the way.

Throughout the demo the interactions between characters feel very developped and fleshed out, which is great. I am excited to keep reading the series especially as the writing seems to keep getting even better. Bird dude is crazy but I punched him in the face so that was fun :joy:.

Staying on topic with the whole Detective turns vampire thing, I think it makes sense for a later book. After all happily ever after is easier if they both age at the same speed, but I think doing that would condition the rest of the series so I don’t see it happening in book 3.


yeah that has been a massive question in my head, there’s too many variables at play and we’re still in the early game

but it could really go either the detective turns vampire, takes over their mum as a potential handler for UB or they could be a field agent.

Ooor the mcguffin that is the detective’s blood with a little bit of a fancy shmancy science-y stuff turns out to have some kind of super cure all that could reverse vampirism and other supernatural stuff and have the chosen LI retire with the detective and live their lives in peace???

too much of a stretch but hey like I said, we’re still in the early game so it’s really to early.


Random question for you guys: what would be the worst part about you being a vampire (in real life, not the game)? For me it’s either not being able to have kids, or knowing that I can accidentally kill someone

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I think living forever would kind of suck. Even taking the obvious, you have to watch a bunch of people you care about die out of the equation, living forever kind of removes the purpose of life. It would just become, oh I’m just here for some reason. Although, I don’t know that I would like the extreme senses either, especially if it means I lose taste for food, and blood drinking is gross.


Living as a vampire as described in the books seems like an unpleasant experience overall. If I had to chose the worst part I would say probably being isolated from society and having my world restricted, especially considering the long lifespan. Such a small world would get boring really fast.

not if you can boink your partner for eternity…lol


aye, living forever with all the features of a vampire seems like a terrible existence, I’d enjoy longevity but not living forever. I’d like the sweet release of death once I’ve had my fill of life, as a certain someone once said from my once fav show “In my own bed, at the age of 80, with a belly full of wine and a girl’s mouth around my cock.”

the vampires in wayhaven seem to be normal living creatures tho and have fairly minimal caveats of being a vampire, unlike the cursed existence of any popular renditions of vampries like the world of darkness’ kindreds/cainites and the kuei-jins.

I wouldn’t actually mind being a wayhaven vampire tbh, specially since you don’t burn or die at the touch of sunlight, only weakened; you aren’t actually dead; you can still eat stuff albeit your enhanced senses will make food taste terrible; you’re pretty much unrecognizable from a normal human except you’re at your ideal, peak immortal condition that just so happened to be superhuman at night. you’re basically a fallout protagonist with the night person perk

but you get a +1 to all your SPECIAL stats and the bonus will get higher when you get older.


I think this song really suits MC feelings towards A. Vice versa. :sob: brb dreaming the scenes in my head


Nah, this suits Bosnian fields best

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