The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

And they have UB there to protect them. There is no need for Rebecca (also human, no matter how well-trained she may be) to jump in on it. This is one of those things that, for MCs who have a bad relationship with her, it would be better for her to shut up about. Everyone involved knows UB is there to look out for the MC–Rebecca isn’t around the MC much and, therefore, her declarations of “protecting” the MC just come off all kinds of wrong for certain MCs.

Yes, for the MCs who have a good relationship with her, I’m sure it’s appreciated. But even my MC with a great relationship with her is getting fed up with her attitude. There’s no need for all the grand declarations of protection from mommy dearest when the MC has FOUR FREAKING VAMPIRES protecting her.

Edited to add: And the bottom line is that no one can be there 24/7 for the MC, so the answer to all of it is to empower the MCs to protect themselves. There has been a start to that with the training and with giving the MC some Agency-provided weapons. If anything, Rebecca should be pushing that instead of treating her grown adult offspring like they aren’t capable of wiping their own ass.


She’s involved in the background, organizing things, receiving and delivering information that could make the difference between life and death. That’s what handlers do. Just because she is not physically involved - most of the time, does not mean that she is not involved in doing her part.

Also - in regard to that - Trappers are humans, who take on and down supernaturals, showing that training and knowledge can indeed give a human a fighting chance. Our MC is missing that - or better, just started down that road. And there is also the attack in B1 - in which Rebecca was involved in the actual battle against the Thralls and according to UB, did a fine job.

And I suppose I have a lack of understanding for “having an attitude” - when someone is concerned and trying to be supportive, even if it may be a bit awkward at times. If you don’t like characters involving themselves with your MC, other than the LI and UB, sure, I get it. Not my cup of tea, but you do you. We all do.

If you want to put the risk of death and enslavement to the same level as “wiping one’s ass” :man_shrugging: Not sure, what to say, other than I disagree. She saw what happened to Rook - who was in the same position and likely better informed and trained and equipped than our MC.

Either way, it’s a moot point, since we’ll never agree on this matter, it seems. So I’ll just leave it at that.


The thing with Rebecca is that, while it’s understandable from a third party pov, it can seem to the Detective that she expects them to be professional, but she just can’t act professional when it comes to them. Like, she keeps trying to get them out when it’s obvious that this won’t happen because of blood reasons, and she also doesn’t look (emphasis on look, the detective can’t read minds) like she takes their stance on how she deals with the mayor seriously.

Personally I agree. I just want to see if Bobbi will at least acknowledge it if they got the disease and the detective saved them because so far their unflappability can get on a lot of characters’ nerve. At least the kid shows different reactions to whatever he got into in the previous books.


I have a question. Will you be adding achievements to your game?

Every time I see Rebecca having to interact with the Mayor, I die a little inside. :joy:
I totally called her out on it though. It amused the heck out of me. My MC can be so rude to Rebecca yikes


See - maybe that’s what I don’t see - where she’s asking/demanding the MC to be professional, other than obvious flirting with the LI during meetings.
She herself, has that switch that flips, between professional and motherly, but I cannot remember a single line, where she’s implying for the MC to do so.

I mean that earnestly. If you have any examples, where you see that, I would appreciate if you could point me in the direction.

Yeah, as a reader, her interactions with the mayor make me gag. :nauseated_face: I get why she’s doing it (you use what you’ve got to do what you have to do), but it’s still nauseating because the mayor is such a gigantic douchebag.

As for my detectives, the one with the worst relationship with her literally could not care less because she expects lying and subterfuge from Rebecca and isn’t surprised she does the same thing to others (plus, she has no interest in Rebecca’s life at all). The rest of them are nauseated over it: one tells her it’s disgusting, one tells her it’s good to know the reason she wasn’t around was because she was flirting with creeps, and the other one tells her to be careful. It’s fun to watch the dynamic between all of them with her.


I actually had my detective say that second option you listed. The relationship is just terrible. I did at least tell Rebecca that, yeah, mAYBE there can be a relationship. See what happens. But, really, that bridge was burned years ago for my MC. it’s kind of like “why now? Why not when I was a kid? Why not when I got in trouble over and over doing things I shouldn’t have? (MC became a cop because she didn’t want to go to jail) Why not when, oh I don’t know, when Dad died? But sure, NOW it’s the time to have a relationship when we work in the same building. Now it’s convenient, right?”


Don’t have any word for word examples right now, but iirc she’s displeased when the detective flirts or is sarcastic, even in not completely serious moments.

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Ah, I see what you mean.

Yeah, that’s something I interpreted more as part of her personality. She’s not a keen fan of sarcasm to begin with, and I do believe that she is still concerned about the possible relationship with any of UB. Not that she doesn’t trust either of them, but I think it just cements the fact for her, that her child will be stuck in the supernatural world for good.

Thanks for the response though. Helps me understand the perspective better from a different point of view.

I tend to somewhat imprint my own personality traits onto my emcees, so no matter which path I’m running, they tend to be somewhat similar. In that vein, I never much liked people flirting with other people to get stuff, so my normal reaction is discussed.

I kind of just find Bobby somewhat amusing, though my interactions with HRO kind of altered what I did, like when I was doing the M route I will respond with anger, etc.

Would kind of like to see a brawl between tina and Bobby, though it shouldn’t last long, since tina is trained, and as far as we know, Bobby isn’t. Still, funny.

Also, Bobby doesn’t do anything different if you picked her route? I only ever pick the Douglas route for the demo, that’s mostly because I usually prefer the, I have no idea how to spell their name, fogs people, to sign the treaty if possible. And only one character does that with a personality trait I like right now.

Though, unfortunately, that character apparently kissed Bobby at some point. Ewww, anyway.

I know Nate would never do it but… I would just… love him (or any of the UB members, I just say Nate specifically because that’s who my MC is with) to sock Bobby in the jaw???

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Would totally love to see it. Or an overwhelming amount of intimidation to cause Bobby to poop his pants.
M waiting for him in a dark alley, A standing in his office, Felix intruding in his apartment, N maybe standing at the bar, waiting for him.

So many options!


Yeah, aside from Nat being nat, I doubt she would if only because of what happened in the past. I suspect that’s also part of the reason why she is so big on knowledge as apost to combat. So she can find ways to not end up punching or attacking people.
I don’t actually know what faira would do, probably end up having a conversation with the MC. I doubt Avva would break Bobby? At least not physically. Morgan though? Morgan would most likely sock Bobby in the face, especially cents from the dialogue on the first book when we first meet UB, I’m going to assume she’s knocked out random humans before?

Bobby comes sauntering over trying to do something and UB just comes to gather behind MC, not even saying a word. :relaxed:


I have had dreams about this!
Someone I was in a writing challenge with, wrote a version of this. It was so much fun and I truly hope that we’ll get some chance like this in the future.

For all of Bobby’s pretended courage, if he came face to face with one of UB in a lone place, it’d crumble in seconds.

I have to say though, I’d be interested in how he’ll react IF/when he finds out the truth. Will he be in a similar situation as Tina, and underestimate the risks/dangers? Or would he totally be into it and possibly even get involved with Trappers/rogues to satisfy his desire for more info and knowledge?

Or would the agency would just attempt to brainwash him?

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Oh it would so be the second option, but still underestimating the danger and overestimating himself because he thinks he’s such a badass that he can handle himself.

More likely to underestimate the danger and try to get an insider in the Agency.

My MCs on Bobby’s route got Falk to sign the treaty. And one of them let Sanja die (sorry, but there’s no way she’d let Mason be endangered, even though she felt bad about it and liked Sanja).

Yeah, I’m kinda dying for the Bobby kiss info to come out. My MCs who had the kiss happen aren’t, though (only my M & A detectives had that kiss). I’m wondering what the difference between unwanted and wanted will make when the shit hits the fan. My M-mancer froze and didn’t really want it, my A-mancer was like “wtf, it’s not like Adam will ever do anything than act weird.”

I’d love to see it, too. M could make Bobby crap themselves with just a look, lol. So could A. F would probably just insult them. I don’t know about N–I’m guessing they can be scary when they want to be.

I’m also guessing the Agency will have to brainwash Bobby. He’d be spreading it in the newspapers all around the world, if they didn’t. He’s such a jackass.

I’m wondering if he’ll find out if the MC doesn’t make him suspicious, though. I figure if he’s suspicious, he’ll end up finding the warehouse and trying to get in, for starters.

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All my MC is safe Sanja, mostly because, vampires can heal. Sanchez? Cat. Though, I kind of want to do a route where I save the RO, just to see what happens. Maybe?