The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three (WIP -FINAL DEMO)

I don’t mind Tina at all. Probably because my MCs are usually rather introvert and having a character like her, evens it out a bit.
I can also understand her excitement and can’t blame her for being hyped about the supernatural - I know I would be. Additionally, we never had a full talk with her about the dangers, so she still has a very romantic view on it, which likely makes her more careless. She doesn’t know what happened to the MC, we haven’t told her about Murphy or what some supernatural are capable off, so I forgive her.

Verda… broke my heart, but I have to say I’m psyched about the development. And as I said before, I adore Eric, and this situation made me super happy!

Either way, I’m am so looking forward to the awkward dinners.

Edit: Are you helping either to find out, or are you like me and intentional fail the attempt to keep them from finding out? (most of the time)? :sweat_smile:
It’s like the bite from Murphy. I know how to avoid it… I just don’t!


I don’t blame her for that, either. My MCs don’t blame her for that. What my M-mancer and A-mancer blame her for is her sticking her nose into the whole thing with them. With A, as far as my MC is concerned, it’s basically a crush on the road to nowhere, so Tina acting like they’re on the level of going to a dinner party together is irksome. She has no intention of asking Adam, and I hope the situation isn’t forced in the game because there is no way in hell she’d ask.

With my M-mancer, her initial reaction to the whole thing was, “Yeah, right, I’m going to invite the guy I’m boning, who has no other use for me and who can’t tolerate the smell of “human” food to a fucking dinner? No. Fucking. Way.” Again, there’s no way she’d ask Mason to go. Ever (and if it’s forced, it will completely break character immersion for me, and I’m sure there are other MCs who would refuse to ask as well). And if Tina is the one who asks M to go? Well, if she does it in front of my MC, she better be prepared to have her ass handed to her. Or we better damned well get an interrupt option so our MC can have their say.

The fact that I have no clue what you’re talking about is proof positive I need to go play my N route so I can see what Verda does!

Like @spunkycatninja said, for the A and M routes, it will be complete and utter train wreck. Hell, given their behavior, I don’t see how either of them could be convinced to go, really. Unless Tina invites some Trappers as well.

My M-mancer made a conscious decision to set Tina on the path to learning. Though she’s loathe to admit it, she wants someone else who knows. Plus, she’s tired of having to hide it from Tina, who is nosy as hell and would probably learn about it, anyway (eventually). My A-mancer is similar–she didn’t bother trying to put Tina off the trail. My F-mancer is a fuck-up, and she failed the attempt to put Tina off the trail. My N-mancer thought if she put Verda on the trail, he could find a cure to the disease in book 2 (because she has that much faith in his skills), then regretted it when she saw how poorly he took it.

I so wanted Dezh (my M-mancer) to get bitten but there was just no way she would, and I let them make their own choices. The woman is a fighter, so there’s no way she’d fail. My A-mancer, thankfully (this is mean to say), froze when Murphy grabbed her and got bitten on the neck (not a fighter, at all so she panicked). My N-mancer didn’t get bitten (not real skilled in fighting but she is cool-headed), but my F-mancer screwed up and got bitten on the wrist.

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The update was awesome, love the additional scenes with the team. This book is already looking so good and it’s just started.


I can totally see A or M go and if it’s only due to them doing their “duty to protect” the MC, given the circumstances.

F and N would likely be enthusiastic about it - to some extent. I think the Verda route would maybe even invert that set.

But I can see this being set up for drama as well. Don’t tell the LI or UB and get into troubles, or mention that you are invited to a dinner, insist on going, despite the risks - or simply to get a break.

And if Mishka wants to make this interaction mandatory (between MC and LI), I could see it being at the same time as some meeting or them overhearing a phone call or something like that.

And I won’t call the dinners train wrecks, but highly amusing in a very awkward way. I can’t wait!

As for the bite, I don’t really care what disposition my MC has - I’m a sucker for scars and my MC suffers for it. :man_shrugging:

And I strongly recommend the Verda route. Was a pleasant surprise for me, especially in connection with a response I picked in his route earlier.


I’m really glad that Sera included this tidbit. I remember one ask that included N’s hair length (it was longer a few weeks prior to the events of Book 1) and whether Nate had man-bun. It seems like this one actually inspired her and I hope that in book 4/5 we’ll be able to play with N’s hair. :’)


Rebecca I’m still trying to figure out what she’s even trying to do. Like does she really want to get closer to the Detective, is it guilt more than anything? Does she see her husband through her child? It also feels like her M.O will come to bite her in the ass at some point.

Now a character that annoys me about 90% of the time they appear is Bobbi. They just can’t seem to learn a lesson about snooping in and Sol’s burn was just magnificent. You would expect that at least they wouldn’t actively annoy the person that saved them in Book II.


I think the points are not exclusive.
Seeing Rook in her child, feeling guilty - about not being there, possibly about not being able to save him - and wanting to really get closer to the child can all be in the same pot.
Mishka also pointed out, that Rebecca just isn’t someone that is a “born mother” and that she wasn’t overly confident in her maternal qualities. Rooks was the one taking care of the MC.

I think certain events can get people to reflect on their past decisions and to either tackle them or forget them or bury them or bring them up again. To me it feels, like she is really trying to make amends - though her means are limited, due to also being the superior of the MC to some extent and lack of experience, really.

And yes, I can already hear the responses from people trying to destroy Rebecca - but if you want to blame someone for trying, even if it is a bit late :man_shrugging: go for it, I guess. If you think she doesn’t have a right/shouldn’t worry about the MC … :man_shrugging: - not sure what to tell ya. It happens in families. Edit: I’m not trying to imply that it’s the norm in all families.

I know a lot of people hate her, but for me, having grown up with an intensely busy, widowed mom, I feel for her and I have sympathy for her and that exceeds most of my created characters disposition and my meta gaming comes into play.

And with Mishka pointing out that Rebecca really wants to be closer to her child, I for one am willing to give her a chance.

Anyway, that’s my unpopular opinion. I guess I am just not into hating large numbers of characters :sweat_smile:

@Marvey - I’m making an exception for Bobby. I love to loathe them.


Yeah. Parents aren’t just parents; they’re their own person as well. They have thoughts and emotions outside of just their kid.

A lot of people don’t truly understand this until they’re older. We tend to be very ego-centric when it comes to our parents, which is natural. We assume their lives should be about us and how we feel. And if it is but they don’t it in a way we think is best, we can get resentful.

Rebecca is an important agent, clearly very career oriented. Rook had a local job and could focus on the kid. Rook was killed by supernaturals. Suddenly we have someone career focused who lost their spouse and needs to take care of a kid, which wasn’t their strength. They’re in an important, demanding, and very secretive job. It’s clear she was absolutely devastated. She’s terrified of this happening to MC.

I can see her mindset being: For someone who is a good agent but bad at mothering, what is the best way to help her kid? Working extremely hard to keep MC safe from threats.


Very well put. I know it took me a long time to understand the absence of my mother at important events (for me important) or to see the reasons behind some of her decisions in parenting. I hated all those things when I was younger, but now, I understand and agree with them.

And yeah, I think Rebecca has regrets - a lot of them and I believe she feels responsible for the MC getting dragged into a situation, where their life is pretty much in constant danger.

She chose this job - before meeting Rook, before having the MC - but her child is dropped in the deep end without their say-so.


I never hated Rebecca (although my MC does) and I understand her well enough to have some sympathy. I would like it if MC would be able to tell her, however, that Rebecca has to be an agent first when they’re dealing with a case. When that case is closed, then Rebecca can reach out as a mother. Does this make sense? I kinda want MC to draw that line, and help Rebecca draw it, because this can end badly and as my MC sees it, she’d rather Rebecca lose an agent/employee, than a daughter. I can’t quite explain it- I suck at this oml


I am not sure I fully understand it, but if I do understand it correctly - the MC will NEVER be “just” an agent/employee.

Even if the MC hates Rebecca, it’s clear that Rebecca doesn’t hate her child. So, that line will never be enforced for her - even if it may be enforced by your MC.

What @GoldenW said as well. Due to the blood being a permanent thing - there will ALWAYS be cases. It will never end - until it does, in a permanent way.

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I think that could be difficult since it’s likely that the case never ends. There’s always going to be something. But seeing that said in dialogue would be cool.

I think the current options are already pretty expansive and she does a great job of trying to fit in as many stances on the mc/Rebecca relationship rn.


I completely forgot MC dad was named “Rook”, I just finished playing Breach Archangel and assumed that Rebecca married the rook in that game. I was legit horrified for a minute, like Rebecca nooooooooo :scream::scream:.

But back to the topic at hand, I completely agree. I know women in real life that act like Rebecca when it comes to their children. They love their children to bits because of circumstances they can’t better express themselves or have time for them. We always
give passes to fathers concerning situations like this but if a mother does the same thing. Hell breaks loose, so I feel a lot for her.


Well I meant, like, time between cases?? But yeah, I mean, I don’t have any problem with the options we’ve been given. It’s just… an idea I suppose. :woman_shrugging:

With my detectives, it isn’t so much that they want her to wait till a case is over, they just want her to be professional in front of the damned team they have to work with! The whole doting mother, “I will protect you (implying MC is not capable of protecting themselves or is some helpless fool),” and her general demeaning attitude (from my MCs’ POVs) pretty much puts a crimp in any chance they will want anything but a professional relationship with her–and they have doubts she can manage it.

My main MC has had it with this attitude. She isn’t so much pissed off at Rebecca never being there when she was growing up (though that did help shape who she is now, that and the complete lack of nurturing in the way she needed it) as she is about the fact that, at this moment, she is a grown ass adult and doesn’t need Rebecca treating her like she’s incapable of doing anything and is always behaving like one of those mothers whose kids fall down and hurt themselves and are fine with it until the mother comes in freaking out about it. She’s sick of it and wants to be treated like an adult–and if the woman wants a “friendship” with her, then she damned well better treat her as an equal, not a five-year-old, which is how it often seems.

For my other detectives, their problem with her is also her attitude in front of UB. It’s unprofessional, overemotional, and off-putting. Even the one MC of mine that started out with a great relationship is tiring of her quickly. Between the freakouts, her constantly trying to convince the MC not to be part of all of this, and the almost over-the-top displays of “poor me, you’re mean to me,” that detective is about ready to tell her to leave her alone in the demo–and this is a character her had a great relationship with her!

I had the same weird moment when I played and my MC totally hooked up with Rook, lol. Rook in Breach is just… :drooling_face:

Eh, like I said the whole thing that she doesn’t have time for the MC doesn’t bug me, as a reader. And it really doesn’t bug my MCs. But the unprofessiionalism, overly doting, overly protective, and borderline demeaning attitude irks me as a reader, sends one of my MCs into a rage, and irritates the others to varying degrees. As someone who grew up with an overly protective mother, I get how suffocating it can feel. The difference is that my mom got over it once I moved out of the house–yes, even years later, she still worries (she’s a mom, so of course she will) and she offers advice when I want it, but she doesn’t constantly freak out if something happens to me and doesn’t treat me like a child. If she did, I think I would be as annoyed as my MCs are with Rebecca.


Depending on the person that tina truly is, I can see her convincing at least capital A, in regards to this is happening to MC, that you should come, if only to escort MC. The fact that I grill you with questions, that you’ll probably just roll your eyes anyway, it’s just something else.

Yeah, she seems like the hyper best friend, but from the thought the MC has of her, she also seems to have another side to her as well? No idea how M would be convinced though.
As someone said, N, and capital F, probably wouldn’t need much convincing.
Anyway. Isn’t the primary reason for all the secrecy, mostly the fear that humans will start picking up pitchforks and torches? Tena obviously hasn’t done that yet, so. That’s probably going to be something in her favour as well. Virta? Could be interesting, though I have never gone his route yet. Saw that he got scared, and never bothered to get involved with it.

Though, I did make a Head canon theory, when I was writing a wayhaven fanfic a few months back, that the actual reason that Verta was scared, was because he had to leave the big city due to being attacked by supernatural, then someone wiped his mind, and the fact that he knows now is basically bringing that back to the surface, slowly. Just a Head canon theory though,

Literally what you said is what I was trying to type yet… my brain just said “mmm nah, it’s be complicated and confusing”. Hence drawing the line thing. Rebecca is probably doting because, well, she’s missed so many years of being a parent to MC. And obviously trying to make up for it. But like??? MC is an adult??? Could ya tone it down just a smidge? :joy: I am bothered by Rebecca trying to talk MC out of this too, though. I get where she’s coming from but MC made the choice, let her live with it just like you did, Rebecca.


That interaction was one of the things that irritated me as a reader (and left one of my detectives wanting to tell her to fuck off, in those exact words).

Two of my MCs chose: “You’ve never wanted a say in my life. You can’t start now.” Personally, I think the present text involved with that choice needs a slight tweaking, once Rebecca asks why.

Instead of focusing on the whole angle of R just asking the MC to separate their lives again, the MC should respond, “Because I’m a grown woman. I don’t need your approval, Rebecca, and I no longer care about getting it. I haven’t since long before I came of age to no longer need it, so please keep your opinions on my life to yourself unless I specifically ask for them.”

Personally, I think that’s one of the problems with the path for detectives that don’t get along with Rebecca–it focuses too much on the MC being angry about being neglected as a child and not enough on the fact that the MC is a freaking adult who no longer needs her mommy to be a mommy. The mother/daughter relationship typically morphs as the daughter grows older, and becomes more of a mutual friendship/support mechanism than a mostly one-sided mommy protecting helpless child dynamic (of course, I say that, but even though I’m no longer a 20-something, if I disrespected my mom too much, she’d pop me upside the head, but the description still applies).

The fact remains that Rebecca can’t go back and redo what is already done. The MC isn’t a child, and she needs to get that through her head–that doesn’t mean that they can’t establish some kind of relationship, but it can’t’ be the mommy-kid thing she missed out on when the MC was growing up. It has to start from a more equal footing and go from there, and that means Rebecca has to treat the MC as more of an equal than her daughter. The closeness can still come, it will just be different. I just doubt Rebecca is capable of that unless she gets a better hold on her emotions. Right now, though she mostly comes off as having an A-level grip on her emotions (and seems like an automaton at times), as soon as the MC experiences the slightest bit of danger, she loses her shit. It’s not good for her, for her relationship with an MC who has a strained relationship with her, or for the MC.


Not all of us hate Rebecca. I think she is the one of the best character in the series. And I actually love her completely tbh. As it is said that she is not a parental figure who is good at parenting but what matters is she tries her best and we love her for it. When I wasn’t in forums I didn’t know people hated her. Heck she’s the only reason most of the people like me hates the Mayor. But at the end of the day it’s basically your perspective. If someone hates her they may hate, but some people like us will love her regardless cause parenting is not about how much time you spent with your kid, it’s how much efforts you put that matters.


Well, let me tell you one thing, I am about to hit 40 and you wouldn’t be able to tell, by the way my mother behaves. With some type of parents, age has literally nothing to do with it, and you’ll always be the “baby”. Sure, the dynamic changes a little, but you’ll always be their child.
As I said, I am aware that this doesn’t apply to all parents, but to some.

Well to be honest, our MC really can do very little to defend themselves. They’re still human, they’re still not fully trained in combat against potential supernatural threats, they have limited knowledge about the world, weaknesses and strengths, and they will always be in danger, due to the bloody target they have on their back.

It’s like someone going to war with 0 knowledge about combat, tactics and survival. Sure, that can change in the future and with more training, but as of this time, our MC is a fish in a barrel.